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Fantasy Football Tips 2016

This is one of my favorite times of the year. From now until February, the NFL will be on every Sunday. With preseason starting up, fantasy football is just around the corner. With that being said, here are some tips that should help you on your draft day.

Antonio Brown Is Special

The golden rule in fantasy football is that you always take a running back in the first round. However, Antonio Brown has become an exception to this rule the past 2 seasons. In 2015, he scored 243 fantasy points in standard play by racking up 1834 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns. Brown has been the “go-to guy” for Big Ben and the number go to guy in fantasy football. It is okay to draft him with the first pick.

Don’t Waste Your First Round Pick On…

O’Dell Beckham Jr, Ezekiel Elliott, and Rob Gronkowski. As talented as ODB is, I rather draft Julio Jones. Atlanta’s only weapon in the passing game is Jones (He led the league in targets last season with 136). Eli Manning has the return of Victor Cruz and rookie Sterling Shepard to utilize as well.  Please be cautious if you do decide to pick him in the first round.

I have nothing against Ezekiel Elliott’s ability, but I’m not drafting a player who hasn’t played a signal down in the NFL in the first round. The Dallas Cowboys has the best offensive line in football so it does seem enticing to draft Elliott early. However, in the famous words of Stephen A Smith, “The Cowboys are an accident waiting to happen”.

Last year was my first time taking Rob Gronkowski and it happened to be in the first round. By week 4, I’ve learned that tight ends are becoming a deep position. Plus, Tom Brady will miss the first 4 games. Taking Gronk in the second round is okay.

My Sleepers Consist Of…

Lamar Miller, Donte Moncrief, Kevin White, and Markus Wheaton. In my opinion, Lamar Miller was underutilized in Miami. The last season and a half, Miller showed he can produce when he touches the ball. He’ll have his chance to shine in Houston.

With Andre Johnson departure and Andrew Luck, finally healthy, Donte Moncrief has a high ceiling to be productive this season. TY Hilton will see double coverage far more times than not. This will enable Moncrief for one on one match-ups in a pass heavy offense. Let that sink in.

We will finally see what Kevin White can do on the gridiron. After missing his first season with a shin injury, White looks to fill the void of what the Chicago Bears offense was missing last season. White is 6’3″ and runs under a 4.4 in the 40 yard dash. With the attention on Alshon Jeffrey, the Bears first round pick in 2015 could be a playmaker.

When Martavis Bryant missed the first 4 games last season due to a suspension, Markus Wheaton didn’t take advantage of the opportunity. Now that Bryant is suspended all of the 2016 NFL Season, Wheaton will have all season to prove his value and explode on the fantasy football scene.

Just Stop

Matthew Stafford, Demaryius Thomas, and the San Francisco 49’ers. Stafford has talent, but he primarily benefited from having Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. Now that Johnson is retired, Matthew Stafford has lost his security blanket. With the lack of talent on offense, he might consistently struggle. I rather draft Ryan Tannehill.

Demaryius Thomas has the ability to be a top 5 wide receiver in the league. He has exceptional hands and speed. The problem with him in fantasy football this year is his new quarterback, Mark Sanchez. Sanchez hasn’t been the most accurate quarterback and is known for his “Butt Fumble” (CLICK HERE TO WATCH). Unless Sanchez gets him the ball consistently, Thomas may be a flex option at best.

Last year, the Cleveland Browns was the team I said to avoid drafting any players from. Now, I wouldn’t advise drafting anybody from San Francisco. Carlos Hyde has some potential but the way their offense is presently constructed, teams might give him the “Adrian Peterson treatment” (putting 8 players in the “box” on defense to stop the run). We’re not sure if Blaine Gabbert or Colin Kaepernick will start, but neither is worth starting in fantasy football. Torrey Smith is a deep threat but the quarterback play is insufficient for Smith to be productive. At least Cleveland has Josh Gordon coming back week 5, pending reinstatement.

Always Remember

Simple but important tips:

  • Running backs are scarce (get them while you can)
  • Draft your quarterback between round 6 and 8 (they are a dime a dozen)
  • Do not draft a kicker until last 2 rounds (this should be a given)
  • Don’t reach for a player unless you think it’s absolutely necessary
  • Do your research before drafting (very vital)

If nothing else, have fun!


Top 5 NFL Tight Ends Entering 2016


Note: This list is who is the best tight ends right now.  Past accolades and accomplishments alone will not move you higher on the list.  This list is based on skill, talent, age, and the ability to perform.

Honorable Mentions:

Delanie Walker (Titans); Antonio Gates (Chargers); Jimmy Graham (Seahawks)


5) Travis Kelce, Chiefs


Before Jeremy Maclin joined the Kansas City Chiefs last season, their passing game was almost nonexistent. Not one wide receiver caught a touchdown during the 2014 season. Besides Jamaal Charles, Travis Kelce has been “Mr Reliable” during his tenure there. He’s not the fastest but he has great hands and a high motor. With Charles still recovering from his torn ACL, Kelce might become the go to option again.

4) Jordan Reed, Redskins


Jordan Reed is injury prone but when healthy, he’s explosive in the passing game. His speed is deceiving, and his hands are incredible. Reed always finds a way to get open with his exceptional route running. He has to stay on the field in order for the Washington Redskins to continue to have success.

3) Tyler Eifert, Bengals


This prototype came into his own last season, scoring a league high 13 touchdowns at his position. Tyler Eifert has been everything the Cincinnati Bengals hoped for when they drafted him in 2013. The only knock on him, like most players, is the inability to consistently stay on the field.

2) Greg Olsen, Panthers


Greg Olsen has been Cam Newton’s most consistent target and producer during his tenure in Carolina. Olsen has outstanding hands, exceptional route running capabilities, high football IQ and awareness. Olsen has performed in the clutch and doesn’t back down from the big stage. You almost can’t ask for better player on your team.

1) Rob Gronkowski, Patriots


At the end of the day, nobody is better than “Gronk” at the tight end position. At 6 foot 6 inches, 265 pounds, he’s too big for defensive backs to cover and too fast for linebackers. And what makes matters worse, he’s only 27 years old and Tom Brady is his quarterback (except the first four games of this upcoming season due to his suspension). He will continue to horrifying opposing defenses for many more years to come.


Shiree’s Top Five Entering 2016: Running Backs

Check out her list!

Shiree Talks Too Much!!

Gone are the days of NFL teams relying heavily on their run game. In such a pass-heavy league, it takes a heavyweight running back to stand out.

Let’s take a look at the top five running backs, ready to pound the ground in 2016:

5. Ezekiel Elliot


This guy hasn’t even taken a hand-off yet and is already making a statement in the league, and no I’m not talking about with his crop top.

The Dallas Cowboys rookie was a work horse for Ohio State recording ridiculous numbers something to the tune of 23 touchdowns and 1,821 yards. That was just his junior season.

Dallas released DeMarco Murray two seasons ago and has since relied on Darren McFadden to carry the run game for them.

With the addition of a stud like Elliot, it might help to bring balance to the offense and give Tony Romo a much-needed break.

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Top 5 NFL Wide Receivers Entering 2016


Note: This list is who is the best wide receiver right now.  Past accolades and accomplishments alone will not move you higher on the list.  This list is based on skill, talent, age, and the ability to perform.

Honorable Mentions: 

Mike Evans (Buccaneers), AJ Green (Bengals), Jordy Nelson (Packers)

5) O’Dell Beckham Jr., Giants


O’Dell Beckham Jr. might be the most gifted receiver in the NFL since Randy Moss.  His ability to light up the hi light reel is second to none.  Once he continues to put in more work he will climb this list. 

4) DeAndre Hopkins, Texans


After the departure of Andre Johnson, the potential of DeAndre Hopkins blossomed despite having mediocre quarterback play from Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett. The addition of Brock Osweiler will help elevate him to the next level.

3) Dez Bryant, Cowboys


Dez Bryant has been an elite receiver in this league since the first day he walked on the field.  When he was younger immaturity got in the way of his true potential.  He has matured as he aged to  become rguably the best wide receiver. The Dallas Cowboys are in win now more so I’m curious to see if Dez will take his game to yet another level.

2) Julio Jones, Falcons


Julio Jones, like Dez Bryant, has been in the elite category since his first day. Not only is Jones the quintessential deep threat, he also has the ability to burn you on a 5 yard slant pattern.  Other defenses know this and he is consistently double teamed.  That doesn’t stop Julio from making an impact on every game he is in.

1) Antonio Brown, Steelers


Antonio Brown is not the fastest, strongest, or the quickest person on my list. He also is under 6 feet tall.  That didn’t stop him from topping my list.  How? His work ethic is legendary. His route running and hands are flawless. His speed, acceleration, and agility is deceivingly underrated. That combined with a very high football IQ made him an easy decision.


Shiree’s Best of 2016:QBs

Another perspective on the NFL’s top quarterbacks

Shiree Talks Too Much!!

The NFL bug has bitten me, as it usually does about this time of year. It’s my least favorite time because basketball is over which leaves an empty window for a few months.

So my boy JGoodwithsports gave me the idea to reflect on last season and compile some lists of top five best and worst of some notable positions in the league.

We’ll start with the Top five quarterbacks heading into this season:

5. Carson Palmer

carson palm Photo courtesy Foxsports.com

Palmer finished the 2015 regular season with 4,671 yards and 35 touchdowns on 342 completions. After leading his squad to a 13-3 season and number one spot atop the NFC West, he went on to take a 49-15 pummeling in the NFC championship game against the number one-seeded Carolina Panthers. Having said that, the Cardinals will open their season at home against a Tom Brady-less New England team, which should…

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Top 5 NFL Running Backs Entering 2016

Note: This list is who is the best wide receiver right now.  Past accolades and accomplishments alone will not move you higher on the list.  This list is based on skill, talent, age, and the ability to perform.

Honorable Mentions: 

Doug Martin (Buccaneers) David Johnson (Cardinals), LeSean McCoy (Bills)

5) Matt Forte, Jets


Forte is one the most complete running backs in the NFL. From day one he’s showed his elite ball carrying vision.  He has excellent hands and exceptional speed in the open field. He should adjust well in New York’s run heavy offense. 

4) Todd Gurley, Rams


This phenom has the rare combination of strength and speed. He missed the first 3 games last season due to recovering from a torn ACL he suffered in college. However, once he was fully recovered he made and immediate impact for the Rams Organization.   

3) Jamaal Charles, Chiefs


When healthy, he’s the fastest running back in the league. Once he sees a hole, it’s “curtains” for the opposing defense. You add his ball carrying vision, agility, and above average hands, you have yourself an elite threat out the backfield. 

2) Le’Veon Bell, Steelers


When I think of Le’Veon Bell, I see a younger, stronger Matt Forte.  Bell is the most complete running back in the NFL.  He can run and catch effectively.  His pass blocking is exceptional for his position. The torn MCL injury that he suffered last season and the 4-game suspension to begin this season are  the only reasons why he’s number 2 at the moment.

1) Adrian Peterson, Vikings


This specimen is the LeBron James of the NFL.  He’s strong, fast, elusive, and has a high motor. Similar to recently retired Marshawn Lynch, it usually takes more than one defender to take him down. One such hi light, Peterson threw a Cleveland Browns corner out of bounds as he kept running down the sideline for a touchdown.  Another time he ran through a Pittsburgh Steelers corner as if he wasn’t there to pick up 13 more yards.  He is the elite of running backs and tops my list.