2016-17 NBA Season Predictions

The NBA season is finally back after a historic NBA Championship victory by the Cleveland Cavaliers, and an offseason where Kevin Durant shook up the basketball world by signing with the Golden State Warriors. Phenoms were drafted in June and some NBA stars found different homes with contracts that would break the bank 20 years ago. My good friends Cello and Reap (yes, short for Grim Reaper), along with D.Reed and Chris helped contribute to this article. They will also be active on Twitter for this upcoming NBA season for your NBA news, updates, questions, and debates.

Image result for kevin durant warriors
Kevin Durant signs with Golden State

NBA WEST PLAYOFFS 2016-17 (Cello)
(Preseason Seed Predictions)

15. Denver Nuggets
Not much to this Denver team. They play hard even game, but it just won’t be good enough with such a tight race to the playoffs in the west.

14. Phoenix Suns
The Suns lost some players and no one on that roster really has what it takes to make them as good as they were last season. They are going to need to rebuild.

13. Sacramento Kings
On paper, this team looks like they should be in the playoffs yearly. DeMarcus Cousins is arguably the best big man in the West, but he seems to just not be able to get his team close to the playoffs. With him and Rudy Gay in the line-up, what is the problem? Seems that management just can’t surround him with the best supporting cast, and it’s only a matter of time before “Boogie” moves on to a new team.

Image result for d'angelo russell jordan clarkson
D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson

12. Los Angeles Lakers
The Lakers will be in the playoff hunt in a few seasons, but there is going to be an adjustment period. The first season in 20 years without Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant is going to be tough. At the same time, these young guys can now grow as players as last season held them back and didn’t allow them to get any real development on the court in order to celebrate Kobe’s retirement with the tour. No doubt they are better than everyone thinks. Ingram, Clarkson, and Russell are going to be exciting to watch.

11. Minnesota Timberwolves
The Timberwolves are on the rise. This team will be in the playoffs within the next few seasons. Their starting line-up is scary. With some time under their belt, expect Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony-Towns to be All-Stars. Unfortunately, this team has no bench, and that will be the reason they do not make the playoffs this season.

10. New Orleans Pelicans
New Orleans just doesn’t have the pieces anymore. A couple of years ago, they were on the rise. With Anthony Davis missing most of last season’s games due to injury and the departure of Ryan Anderson, this team is in need of new pieces and that isn’t coming this season.

9. Houston Rockets
With the departure Dwight Howard, this team may be better off without him. They have added Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, and Nene,but is it enough to get this team in the playoffs? Only time will team. Right now, I think they will just miss the playoffs due to Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder. May come down to a tie-breaker.

Image result for russell westbrook nba preseason 2016
Russell Westbrook

8. Oklahoma City Thunder
This team, of course, is no longer a title contender without Kevin Durant (we all know this). However, Russell Westbrook is the type of guy that will push his team into the playoffs this season. Look for him to have the best season of his career and lead his team to what would be a dream matchup between the Thunder and Warriors.

7. Utah Jazz
Seeds 7-11 will be in the mix of making the playoffs this season. Utah has progressively gotten better each of the past few years, and with their new added vets of Boris Diaw, Joe Johnson, and George Hill, these guys will only get better.

6. Portland Trail Blazers
The Trail Blazers are going to fight and claw their way right into the playoffs again. Lillard and McCollum are one of the best backcourts in the league right now. With the struggles of the Western Conference teams through the past few seasons, Portland will get to the playoffs and make some noise.

5. Memphis Grizzlies
There isn’t much to say about Memphis. They always seem to hover around the five seed. Mike Conley should come in highly confident after that contract he signed (highest paid player in NBA history, for now), and they will just keep grinding.

4. Dallas Mavericks
This team has added some championship pedigree to the roster in Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut. These two alone will continue to keep Dallas in the mix. With Dirk Nowitzki’s career coming to an end soon, don’t expect this team to make it to the make it past the second round.

3. Los Angeles Clippers
The Clippers starting lineup is good. Their problem, though, is they just don’t have enough to take them to the finals. As long as the core group stays together, they will be in contention, but unless they add another key piece, don’t expect them to get past the Spurs or the Warriors any time soon.

2. San Antonio Spurs
The Spurs are a great team, as usual (much like the NFL’s Patriots). It really doesn’t matter who is on the floor because the system is just great. The greatest PF to play the game is now retired, but they didn’t really downgrade the position as Pau Gasol is there now (he still averages a double-double).

Image result for kevin durant stephen curry nba preseason 2016
2016 Golden State Warriors

1. Golden State Warriors
The GSW is expected to get back to the finals. The starting line-up can do that but what people don’t realize it to get Kevin Durant, they had to give up some of their key players like Harrison Barnes and Leandro Barbosa. That can be an issue later. Right now, they are the top team in the West, we shall see once the season starts.

(Preseason Seed Predictions)

15. Brooklyn Nets
This team has been on a downfall for the last few seasons. Stars like Joe Johnson left and free agents like Jeremy Lin have signed. After a terrible season last year, don’t expect any improvement this year.

Image result for ben simmons summer league
Ben Simmons

14. Philadelphia 76’ers
With the addition of Ben Simmons to the Sixers, this team will be very exciting to watch. Joel Embiid, will finally make his debut and his looks good. They won’t be as bad as they have been in the past few years, but they are all still young and have some building to do. This team will be good in about 3 seasons.

13. Milwaukee Bucks
The Bucks have the potential to a very good team. Giannis Antetokounmpo is going to be a superstar in the league, but the franchise just hasn’t surrounded him with the right people. Watching this team play will be better than their record will be.

12. Orlando Magic
The Magic have some good new additions like Bismack Biyambo and Serge Ibaka, but they just don’t have the necessary star power that it’s going to take to get to the playoffs. Look for them to be in the hunt within the next 2 or 3 seasons.

11. Charlotte Hornets
This team has the pieces to make the playoff race, but the East seeds are going to be close. Teams 5-11 will be within a few games apart.

10. Washington Wizards
They always seem to be good but just not good enough. With the East being so tight this year, the Wizards look like they may just fall out of the runnings. It will definitely be close.

9. Detroit Pistons
Detroit is just on the outskirts of the playoffs. This team can float anywhere from 6/7 seed to about the 12th seed. With the addition of the Bulls possibly making the playoffs this season, the Pistons are going to just barely miss their entry.

Image result for hassan whiteside
Hassan Whiteside


8. Miami Heat
With the loss of Dwyane Wade, the Miami Heat will no doubt struggle to make the playoffs. With the weak of the East, they still do have enough pieces to make it to the playoffs but don’t be surprised if they slip into the 9/10 spot before season’s end.

Image result for derrick rose new york knicks
Derrick Rose


7. New York Knicks
On paper, this team looks amazing or as D. Rose says, “super team” (but that’s on paper). The fact of the matter is the Knicks have a bunch of players who used to be stars. Now, they are a bunch of injury-prone players. I would love to see this team gel and succeed, but it seems more and more, less likely. Their playoff hopes strictly depend on whether the team can stay healthy OR if D. Rose can stay out of jail.

Image result for dwyane wade bulls preseason
Dwyane Wade


6. Chicago Bulls
Dwyane Wade is HOME!! But does that make the Bulls a contender? No, but this one of the most interesting teams entering this year’s association.

5. Boston Celtics
Al Horford, that’s all you need to know. This man is going to make the Celtics a tough team to beat. Last season, they played better than anyone thought they would, and this new addition can be scary with a few more additions.

4. Toronto Raptors
They Raptors will still be a decent team in the East after last year’s surprise performance to the ECF (Eastern Conference Finals). The loss of Bismack Biyambo will sting a little, but they will still be top four in the East.

3. Indiana Pacers
Paul George is a superstar and looks like he hasn’t missed a beat after that gruesome injury he had in the summer of 2014 (Team USA scrimmage). With Al Jefferson and Jeff Teague added to the roster, this may be just what they need to go deep into the playoffs.

Image result for dwight howard atlanta hawks preseason
Dwight Howard going home


2. Atlanta Hawks
With the Hawks acquiring Dwight Howard (where he can actively be used), he will be motivated to work hard in Atlanta (his hometown). The Hawks have some very experienced players on the roster, and they will succeed because of it.

Image result for cleveland cavaliers 2016 preseason
Reigning Champs


1. Cleveland Cavaliers
That’s a given. The defending champs have little competition in the East (but far more now than last season). Look for Lebron to continue to a 7th straight NBA Finals appearance. The Cavs roster hasn’t changed much but when you have Lebron James, it really doesn’t matter who else is on the team.

NBA Awards Predictions 


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NFL Week 7: Tips and Fantasy Picks

nfl week 7.png


JGood (Green) 

15 New England
14 Cincinnati
13 Minnesota
12 Denver
11 Atlanta
10 Kansas City
9 Green Bay
8 Oakland
7 New York Giants
6 Tampa Bay
5 Tennessee
4 Baltimore
3 Buffalo
2 Washington
1 Arizona

D.Reed (Blue)

15 Green Bay
14 Cincinnati
13 Denver
12 New England
11 Baltimore
10 Buffalo
9 Atlanta
8 Oakland
7 New York Giants
6 Kansas City
5 Arizona
4 Minnesota
3 San Francisco
2 Detroit
1 Indianapolis

Week 6 Points and Results
JGood: 78 pts (9-6) record; Overall: 394 pts (45-47)
D.Reed: 51 pts (7-7) record;  Overall: 455 pts (52-39)

HOT OR NOT 🔥❄️ (D.Reed)

What’s Hot🔥
Andy Dalton (Cleveland @ Cincinnati)
Dalton gets a golden matchup in week 7 against a Cleveland Browns defense, allowing 16 touchdown passes in their first 6 games!! In the two games against the Browns last season, Dalton was phenomenal, scoring 27 points in both meetings!! Andy Dalton may be set up to have his best statistical game of the year by far!!! Lock Dalton in for QB 1 numbers this week!!!
Kirk Cousins (Washington @ Detroit)
Kirk Cousins and company will travel to the Motor City to face a very inviting Lions secondary who were aired out by Case Keenum and the Rams last week!! In the first six games, no one has given up more points to opposing QBs than the Lions!!! This matchup has all the makings of an old-fashioned shootout. Therefore, I expect Cousins to put up major numbers this week!!! Beam “Captain Kirk” into your QB1 slot with confidence!!!
Spencer Ware/Jamaal Charles (New Orleans @ Kansas City)
Kansas City head coach Andy Reid wants to put a cap on Jamaal Charles workload by splitting carries with Spencer Ware. Although Ware had a monster game and dominated Charles in touches last week, I expect things to even up between them both as Charles works his way back to rare form. The Saints rank 30th in the league against the rush, therefore you can’t go wrong with either RB in the Kanas City backfield this week!!!
Devonta Freeman (San Diego @ Atlanta)
Freeman had a poor outing last week on the road against a tough Seattle defense, rushing for 40 yds on 12 carries and catching 3 passes for a measly 10 yds. This week, he has a more favorable matchup against a San Diego defense allowing 9 TDs to running backs this season!!! Even while ceding carries to backfield mate Tevin Coleman, I look for Freeman to make a strong rebound at home this week!!!
Allen Robinson (Oakland @ Jacksonville)
Robinson is coming off his worse game of the season on the road against Chicago, catching 3 balls for only 49 yards!!! Many owners who drafted Robinson are somewhat displeased with his production thus far, as he’s failed to eclipse the 100-yard mark in any game this season. However, a date with Oakland at home this week may be just what the doctor ordered!!! I foresee Robinson getting back to WR1 numbers, while gaining over 100 yds this week against a poor Oakland secondary!!!
Amari Cooper (Oakland @ Jacksonville)
Early on, Cooper’s fellow wideout Michael Crabtree seemed to have more rapport with QB Derek Carr, but the tables have turned in the last few weeks where Cooper has been on fire with 267 yards and a score!! Crabtree seems to be more reliable in the redone but Cooper is still the clear cut number one guy in Oakland’s pass attack!! Up next is a meeting on the road against a porous Jags secondary where I see Cooper adding beautifully to his stellar stretch!!
Hunter Henry (SanDiego @ Atlanta)
Since joining the lineup 4 games ago, Henry has caught 18 of 24 targets for 290 yards and 3 scores!!! At this point, we’ve seen enough from Henry to label his as a true TE 1!!! It seems as if Henry locked up the starting TE job over future Hall of Famer, Antonio Gates. Henry is up against an Atlanta defense who’s already surrendered 5 scores to TEs already this year!!! If you have Henry, play him and feel confident in doing so!!!
Baltimore (@ New York Jets)
The Jets have turned the ball over at least one time every game this season and that stat alone makes the Baltimore defense a very attractive stream in week 7!!!! Ryan Fitzpatrick was benched in favor of Geno Smith last week, but both QBs still had at least one turnover!!! If the Jets offense continues to struggle and turn the ball over, Baltimore could be a legit top 5 play this week!!!
What’s Not❄
Brock Osweiler (Houston @ Denver)
Statistics show that Osweiler performs terribly when blitzed this season, and guess who’s one of the highest ranked blitzing defenses. . .yup that’s it, the Denver Broncos!! Not many QBs have faired well @ Mile High stadium, and I’m adding Osweiler to that list!!! I expect for Denver to suffocate Osweiler and force him into making a bad decision or two. If you can help it, bench Brock as he faces his former team this week!!!
Matt Forte (Baltimore @ New York Jets)
I know it’s tough to sit a name as big as Matt Forte’s, especially since he was a top RB in the first 3 games of the season. At this point, the Jets offense is a joke!!! During the 4 game skid, Forte is averaging 41 yards and no TDs per contest!!!  This week, Forte gets matched up against a top Baltimore run defense looking to bottle him up on all accounts!!! If I have better options, I’m playing it safe and benching Forte this week until the Jets offense decides to show up!!!
Jordan Matthews (Minnesota @ Philadelphia)
Matthews has been solid all year, either scoring a TD or 65 receiving yards in every game, but his targets have taken a slight dip in the last 3 games (only being targeted 14 times)!! This week Matthews draws a matchup against a suffocating Vikings secondary that shut down the likes of Odell Beckham, Kelvin Benjamin, and DeAndre Hopkins!!! This isn’t a great matchup for any wideout so it’ll be best to bench Matthews if you have better options!!!
Zach Ertz (Minnesota @ Philadelphia)
Ertz has one toughest matchups this week against the Vikings, who have yet to allow a TD to a TE all year!!! Ertz hasn’t been particularly productive since coming back from injury, and this game will be far from a coming out party!! This matchup is much too dangerous for Ertz owners!!!
Pittsburgh (vs New England)
The Steelers are coming off of the worst defensive performance of the season on the road against Miami where they allowed a 200-yard rusher in Jay Ajayi!! Even though the Pittsburgh D plays much better at home, this week they play host to Tom Brady and company, and they have the tough task of stopping their dual TE tandem of Gronk and Martellus Bennett!! It’s going to be long afternoon for the Steelers D!!!

D.Reed @freshprynce23 (Twitter and Instagram)
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NFL Week 6: Tips and Fantasy Picks

nfl week 6.png


JGood (Green) 

15 New England
14 Pittsburgh
13 Arizona
12 New York Giants
11 Seattle
10 Tennessee
9 Oakland
8 Buffalo
7 Green Bay
6 Detroit
5 Chicago
4 Denver
3 Indianapolis
2 New Orleans
1 Washington

D.Reed (Blue)

15 Pittsburgh
14 New England
13 Denver
12 Green Bay
11 Seattle
10 Carolina
9 Arizona
8 Oakland
7 Buffalo
6 Philadelphia
5 Tennessee
4 Indianapolis
3 New York Giants
2 Detroit
1 Chicago

Week 5 Points and Results
JGood: 43 pts (5-9) record; Overall: 316 pts (36-41)
D.Reed: 62 pts (7-7) record;  Overall: 404 pts (45-32)

HOT OR NOT 🔥❄️ (D.Reed)

What’s Hot🔥
Marcus Mariota (Tennessee @ Cleveland)
Marcus Mariota finally put together the game that his fantasy owners have patiently waiting for!!! Mariota was a mistake-free, duel threat last week on the road against the Dolphins, tossing 3 scores and rushing for a fourth!!! This Sunday, Mariota and company host the winless Cleveland Browns in a matchup made in heaven!! I think it’s a safe bet that Mariota will continue to let the good times roll this week at home against one of the poorer defensive units in the league!!!
Russell Wilson (Atlanta @ Seattle) 
Fresh off a bye, Russell Wilson gets a matchup against a 4-1 Atlanta Falcons team that just bested the defending champs, the Denver Broncos!!! Atlanta spoiled rookie QB Paxton Lynch’s first career start last week but. . .Russell Wilson isn’t a rookie!!! Wilson had an extra week of rest to heal his ankle injury, and I expect Wilson and company to come out with “guns blazing”!!! Atlanta comes in surrendering the most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks this season which makes this matchup even sweeter!!!
DeMarco Murray (Tennessee @ Cleveland)
This is one of the best matchups on the board this week!!! Cleveland is giving up 119.3 rushing yards per game this season, and I expect this week to be no different. I also expect that Tennessee will try to establish a lead early and try to “milk” the clock with plenty of carries from Murray!! I foresee Murray running wild in this one!!!
Christine Michael (Atlanta @ Seattle)
I am a huge Christine Michael fan, and I’ve been high on him all season. I believe that he has a very exploitable matchup at home this week against Atlanta!!! Atlanta has allowed 4.3 yards per carry, and  Michael will more than likely have a great day in the Seattle backfield wether carrying or receiving!!! Over the last few games during Thomas Rawls’ injury, Michael has been used heavily in Darrell Bevell’s offense!! With Michael’s huge workload, I expect for him be in for a very solid outing!!! Be sure to get Micheal in your lineups this week!!!
Kelvin Benjamin (Carolina @ New Orleans)
Benjamin had a subpar outing against Tampa Bay with Derek Anderson under center last week ,and he looks to make amends against a New Orleans defense who can’t seem to stop anyone!!! If Cam Newton starts, Benjamin should be in for a stellar day in what seems to be a high scoring affair!!! Benjamin could find paydirt on more than one occasion this week!!!!
Doug Baldwin (Atlanta @ Seattle)
Doug Baldwin has been pretty inconsistent this season and yet, still quite affective. Over the past 2 years, Baldwin has established himself as the primary target in Seattle’s passing attack. This week, Russell Wilson’s favorite target is up against an Atlanta defense who has surrendered a league-high 14 touchdowns via the pass this season!!! This matchup has all the makings of a productive outing for Baldwin!!!
Martellus Bennett (Cincinnati @ New England)
I thought that Martellus Bennett’s production would take a huge dip with Rob Gronkowski working his way back to full strength but boy was I wrong! Bennett is coming off a career game where he grabbed 3 TDs on 6 receptions for 67 yards!!! Both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick confirmed that they would love to utilize their dual TE sets more often. I’m not saying that they would automatically get back to the Gronk and Aaron Hernandez glory days, but it’ll definitely be worth keeping an eye on going forward!! Bennett draws a matchup against a Cincinnati defense who has been great against tight ends, but I still believe Bennett will prevail!!!
Buffalo (vs San Francisco)
San Francisco has turned the ball over at least one time in every game this year and are coming off a Thursday performance where Blaine Gabbert was sacked a whopping seven times!!! (So much for ball control!!!) Buffalo has 17 sacks and 11 Take always this season and have been playing lights out as of late!! I expect for Buffalo’s defense to have a great game against such a turnover prone ball club!!!
What’s Not❄
Phillip Rivers (San Diego @ Denver)
Phillip Rivers has been solid this season despite losing many of his top targets for the year to season-ending injuries. This week, Rivers has a brutal matchup on that road against one of the leagues best defenses in the Denver Broncos!!! Rivers averaged 11.5 fantasy points against Denver last year and I don’t see much of an improvement this week!! Rivers may very well have an average game because I expect them to trail early and abandon the run to chuck it a ton, but I wouldn’t bank on superior production against Von Miller and company.
Jeremy Hill (Cincinnati @ New England)
Jeremy Hill has been quite the fantasy disappointment this season!! Hill has one great game on his 2016 resumé and that was against the Denver Broncos where he ran for 97 yards and two scores!! Hill also failed to top the century mark on the ground in every game so far this season!! This week, Hill has a meeting in Foxborough against the Patriots who are allowing the ninth fewest rushing yards and only two rushing TDs to RBs this season!! This matchup doesn’t bode well for someone so touchdown dependent as Hill.
Travis Benjamin (San Diego @ Denver)
It’ll be difficult to trust any WR against Denver’s stout secondary. Denver has allowed only three receivers to gain more than 50 yards this season!!! San Diego is still without a clear cut number one wideout therefore, it makes anyone in their receiving corp that much difficult to trust. Hopefully you have better options at this week because starting a WR from San Diego can be extremely risky!!!
Dwayne Allen (Indianapolis @ Houston)
Dwayne Allen finally had a great showing in week 5 to the tune of 6 catches for 50 yards and a score!! Allen has a tough matchup against a Texans defense that has held every TE in check so far this season!!! A tough matchup on the road plus Allen’s inconsistency all year earns him a spot on this week’s “Not” list!!! I believe that Allen will become more reliable as the weeks go on but this isn’t one of those weeks!!!
Miami (vs Pittsburgh)
After a pretty good week one on the road in Seattle, the Miami Dolphin defense has been downright awful!!! This week, Miami is hosting one of the highest scoring offenses in the league in the Pittsburgh Steelers,and I don’t believe there is much that they can do to slow down such a high octane offense!! Let the poor play continue for the Miami Dolphins D!!!

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Tuesday Chatter 49


If we were having coffee, I find there is nothing more pleasing than useful and useless chatter. This is one of those chats that deserves apple cider with cinnamon sticks. Yum.


Last week, I wasn’t able to compile Tuesday Chatter because of my ailing left hand. I posted a short story about my tumble, which resulted in an out-of-commission left hand. But I am pretty resilient and do my best to move on. You know, it finally feels like fall has arrived as it is currently 55 degrees in north Georgia, which is a major boost to my mood. YES!!

Oh zowie

I have an owie

but I’m no slouch

I won’t be a grouch

I feel a little better

I’m a real go-getter

I know I’ll be okay

with each passing day.

With that said, I decided to stop by Sally Sue’s place while I was taking a brisk…

View original post 445 more words

Sunday Red: Tiger Woods


I’ve played three years of high school golf. Every time I tee’d off… every time I approached the green… every time I was ready to putt… I imagined that I was Tiger Woods. Tiger was the reason I started to have an interest in golf. Before him, I thought golf wasn’t appealing. I started to even question why golf was even a sport.

Image result for tiger woods fist pump

Seeing Tiger play and dominate at a young age, provided me with a pulse for the sport. I began to watch him regularly during the summer and the majors on a regular. I made sure I was at home on Sundays to watch him cruise to victory after victory. He had overcome rivals such as Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh,  Rocco Mediate, Sergio Garcia, Ernie Els, and Jim Furyk. I even started to take notes of his game and tried to replicate his tactics.

Tiger Woods came out the gate destroying the competition. In 1997, Woods was the youngest to ever win The Masters at the age of 21 (win by 12 strokes). In 2001, he became the first golfer to be the reigning champion of all four majors. Tiger has won a total of 14 majors and 79 career PGA tour events. In every event that Woods has played in, you will see him wear the color red on Sundays. He said:

“I wear red on Sundays because my mom thinks that that’s my power color, and you know you should always listen to your mom.”


My favorite memory of Tiger Woods came at the U.S. Open in 2008 when he beat Rocco Mediate in a playoff to claim the major championship. What makes this major significant for Woods, and myself personally, is that he won this major on a bad left knee. He was shown grimacing and in discomfort while taking strokes (especially while teeing off). Shortly after taking the crown, Woods had reconstructive surgery on his ACL on the same left knee. He was out of action for over 9 months. With this injury, came a domino effect of different and reoccurring injuries.

Image result
Tiger Woods vs Rocco Mediate (2008 U.S. Open)

The scandal in December of 2009, when he openly admitted to cheating on his (now) ex-wife, did not help his status of trying to return to “Vintage Tiger”. Woods eventually started to lose endorsements such as Gillette, AT&T, and Gatorade. You add this with the chronic injuries, you have a recipe for failure for anybody’s image and career.

Image result for tiger woods scandal lost endorsements

Even with the scandal that has stained his imaged and lost some of his endorsements, Tiger Woods will always have a major influence on my life and my others. The recent news of him returning to golf at Safeway, after being out more than a year due to injuries, has given me hope that maybe (just maybe) he might be able to show his dominance one more time. I know it’s wishful thinking, but I’ve seen crazier things happen in sports. Either way, I’ll be following him again on his return to golf. I just want to see that signature fist pump one more time.

Image result for tiger woods fist pump


NFL Week 5: Tips and Fantasy Picks



JGood (Green) 

14 Philadelphia
13 New England
12 Minnesota
11 San Francisco
10 Denver
9 Cincinnati
8 Pittsburgh
7 New York Giants
6 Oakland
5 Los Angeles
4 Washington
3 Chicago
2 Carolina
1 Miami

D.Reed (Blue)

14 New England
13 Pittsburgh
12 Green Bay
11 Minnesota
10 Cincinnati
9 Carolina
8 Philadelphia
7 Baltimore
6 Oakland
5 Denver
4 Arizona
3 Miami
2 Indianapolis
1 Los Angeles

Week 4 Points and Results
JGood: 74 pts (9-6) record; Overall: 275 pts (31-32)
D.Reed: 67 pts (11-4) record;  Overall: 342 pts (38-25)

HOT OR NOT 🔥❄️ (D.Reed)

What’s Hot🔥
Carson Wentz (Philadelphia @ Detroit)
The rookie signal caller has been nothing short of spectacular leading his team to a 3-0 record this season!!! In his first 3 NFL starts, the rookie has thrown 5 TDs and not a single INT!!! It looks like Wentz is without a doubt the Offensive Rookie of the Year front-runner throughout the first quarter of the season!! Wentz is fresh off of a bye, and draws an exploitable Lions defense this week. I foresee Wentz continuing his hot streak as Philly and company travels to the Motor City!!!

Brian Hoyer (Chicago @ Indianapolis)
It seems that the veteran Hoyer has done all but lock up the Bears’ starting QB job, even when Jay Cutler becomes healthy again!!! Hoyer has been pretty efficient over his past two starts, throwing over 300 yards per game and 4 TDs and 1 INT combined!! This week, Hoyer has a matchup against a Colts defense that has given up a ton of yards through the air this season. I expect a very solid outing for the savvy veteran. If you have a QB on bye this weekm Hoyer would be a pretty solid fill in!!!

DeMarco Murray (Tennessee @ Miami)
DeMarco Murray has gotten off to a scorching hot start this year!!! At week 5, Murray is fantasy football’s number one running back!!! Coming into the 2016 season, many people didn’t know what to expect from Murray. Murray’s expectations were low after coming off of a short, but disastrous stint, in Philly, and with the Titans drafting the super talented rookie Derrick Henry. I think many people expected some sort of running back by committee, but that clearly hasn’t been the case!!! As of right now, Murray is the clear cut number one guy in the Titans’ backfield!!! If you own Murraym you’ll definitely want to start him this week against a Dolphins defense that has allowed the fifth-most rushing yards to opposing backs this season.

Jordan Howard (Chicago @ Indianapolis)
With injuries to both Jeremy Langford and Ka’Deem Carey, Howard made the best of his time in the starting role by gaining 111 yards on 23 carries in a win over Detroit!!! Howard looked pretty darn good ripping off a couple big runs and catching the ball out the backfield!!! Even when Langford was healthy, he still didn’t make the same impact that Howard made last week. I expect for the Bears to ride the Howard wave, even when Langford and Carey are able to go. Howard gets a great matchup @ Indy this week, and I can see a repeat of the Detroit game all over again!!!

Julian Edelman (New England @ Cleveland)
Edelman hasn’t been terrible this season, but he hasn’t been the PPR monster that we are used to seeing. However, with Tom Brady making his return from his four-game suspension, I think that will change!! Edelman will see a significant uptick in targets and overall usage once number 12 is back under center!!! Edelman is soon to become the WR that we are all accustomed to seeing and with a week 5 matchup against a very shaky Cleveland defense, he’ll be in rare form sooner than later!! No one is happier right now than Julian Edelman and all of his fantasy owners!!!!

Micheal Crabtree (San Diego @ Oakland)
Crabtree is one of the hottest WRs in fantasy football!!! He’s off to one heck of a start with 26 catches for 308 yards and 4 TDs in his 4 games!!! Derek Carr has found great chemistry with Crabtree, especially in the red zone where he does most of his damage!!! So far this season, Crabtree has even outplayed his counterpart Amari Cooper. I expect Crabtree to stay on a roll this week as he’s up against a shaky San Diego secondary!!!

Kyle Rudolph (Houston @ Minnesota)
Scoring a TD in three straight games, Kyle Rudolph is quickly becoming Sam Bradford’s number one target! In all four games this season, Rudolph had at least 7 targets or more and with that type of volume, Rudolph is looking like a true number 1 TE with Houston coming into town this week!!

D/ST (New England @ Cleveland)
The Patriots defense isn’t particularly the cream of the crop, but I love their matchup against a winless Cleveland Browns team!!! The Patriots have fun at making uncomfortable situations for rookie quarterbacks!! I expect the Pats to build up a large lead and force Cody Kessler into plenty of mistakes trying to play “catch up”!! I think the New England defense is “licking their chops” at this matchup!!!

What’s Not❄
Brock Osweiler (Houston @ Minnesota)
Minnesota has quietly become one of the top defenses in the league and has been shutting down star quarterbacks in the process!!! Top tier quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton couldn’t even escape “Purple Reigns” wrath!!! Osweiler has thrown more INTS than TDs this season, and that is not a recipe for success against such a stout defense!!! If you own Osweiler please do yourself a favor and keep him on the bench this week!!!

Ryan Mathews (Philadelphia @ Detroit)
Mathews was off to a pretty good start the first few weeks until he injured his ankle in a week 3 matchup with Pittsburgh. In Mathews’ absence, both Wendell Smallwood and Darren Sproles performed beautifully!!! Even when Mathews gets back to full strength, I still believe he will cede some carries to Smallwood. I’m not saying all hope is lost for Mathews, but the emergence of Smallwood puts a damper in Mathews’ production plans.

John Brown (Arizona @ San Francisco)
Carson Palmer has been ruled out as he goes through the NFLs concussion protocol, therefore, Drew Stanton will get the nod Thursday at San Francisco!! What was sure to be a great matchup for Brown has quickly downgraded!! You can’t be too certain of any Cardinals receiver this week with Stanton under center!! Brown does have the potential of putting up solid numbers in this week’s matchup, but without Palmer, it’ll be a bit of a risky play!!!

Jason Witten (Cincinnati @ Dallas)
What was once a big name, surefire TE1 is now a TE3 at best!! It seems as if Witten’s days as an elite pass-catching option are behind him! Aside from a few grabs here and there, don’t expect Witten to give you too much of anything from a fantasy perspective. Witten has yet to find the end zone this year, and I can see that trend continuing this week against a strong Cincinnati defense!!! I hope you have better options because you have to sit the future Hall of Famer until further notice!!!

Atlanta (@ Denver)
I don’t think that Atlanta has enough firepower on defense to put out a red-hot Denver offense who has been clicking on all cylinders as of late!!! Atlanta’s secondary is also susceptible to giving up the big play to opposing wideouts so I expect both Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders to have a field day!!! Expect a rough day from the “dirty bird” D!!!

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The Big Ticket: Kevin Garnett

Growing up, my favorite power forward was Kevin Garnett. Garnett can play on the block, shoot the mid-range consistently, occasionally shoot the 3, rebound, block shots, pass, hustle after loose balls, and ignite his teammates and the stadium with his passion. I personally liked him more than Tim Duncan, but I never denied the greatness of the Big Fundamental. I was just drawn to Garnett’s passion for the game.

Image result for kevin garnett passion
Image result for kevin garnett passion
Before being traded to Boston after the 2007 season, I really feel that Kevin Garnett was underappreciated in the “Twin Cities”. During his first 12 years with Minnesota, Kevin Garnett and the Timberwolves only made it out the first round one time (2004) with Latrell Sprewell and Sam Cassell, who were both past their primes. The Big Ticket’s wingman for majority of his time in Minnesota was Wally Szczerbiak. KG and Stephon Marbury could’ve been a superb dynamic duo for years to come, but Marbury’s ego and jealousy of Garnett’s stature ended the partnership before it had a chance to take off. Kevin never complained about the lack of talent that the organization put around him (and believe me, they didn’t help him at all). He brought out the best of his teammates and made the best of the situations during his first tenure with Minnesota.

Seeing KG in a Boston Celtics uniform was weird initially, but playing along side future hall of famers Paul Pierce and Ray Allen helped solidify his legacy as an all-time great. Getting over the hump and winning a championship against the Lakers, an organization that has tormented him his first 12 years, brought everything full circle.

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Kevin Garnett is a 15 time NBA All-star, 9 time NBA All-Defensive first team, 4 time All-NBA first team, MVP back in 2004, NBA Champion in 2008 w/ Boston Celtics, all-time Minnesota Timberwolves leading scorer, was Illinois Mr Basketball, McDonald’s All-America game MVP, and Mr. Basketball USA in 1995, and has career averages of 17.8 ppg, 10.0 rpg, and 3.7 apg. He was been apart of the NBA for majority of his life. Garnett was able to stay relevant for 2 decades (not many have ever achieved that).

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During the 1997-98 season, Kevin Garnett signed a contract extension for 6 years, 126 million, which was unprecedented at the time. This contract, was not the cause of the NBA to be locked out the following season, it basically established the salary cap in the NBA. KG was a rare talent that just wanted to win and was willing to put everything on the line game in and game out. Garnett will potentially be apart of a hall of fame class in 2021 that will consist of Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and himself. Together they have a total of 48 NBA All-star appearances, 11 NBA Championships and 4 league MVP awards.

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Now that his career has come to an end, we will forever remember the moments that he left us, especially saying “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!” when they defeated in the Lakers in 2008 for the NBA title. Whenever Kevin Garnett laced them up, he was going to give you everything he had. That plus his passion is the reason they called him “The Big Ticket”.

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