Fantasy Football Week 4 Preview (A Nino Brown Story)

Entering week 4, I am sitting at the top of my league at 3-0. Gronk has been the MVP for my team and Cam Newton is making a serious case to take the crown. As you see below that my roster is slightly different from the one entering week 1. Marshawn Lynch has been my worst RB through the mist of the season. Fortunately for me, Latavius Murray, Carlos Hyde, and Danny Woodhead have been exceptional. Initially, I felt my WR core was above-average with the ability to be great. Randall Cobb and Jarvis Landry have played well. The resurgence of Larry Fitzgerald has catapulted my core into something dangerous. Granted I don’t have Julio Jones, AJ Green, or Antonio Brown, but my core as a whole makes my team respectable. The Bills defense has played strong, despite that debacle against New England. My quarterbacks have played better than I thought, and it’s well needed. Teddy has had his moments, but I’m still shaky on him. Cam Newton has been playing like the superman that he has always imitated. And Gronk… well… he’s Gronk.


With that being said, I’m headed into week 4 playing against Hustle Gang GDOD. As shown below I’m projected to win, but he hasn’t changed his RB spot yet. My main concern is Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton exploding against Jacksonville. If that happens, things can get interesting.



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