Week 6: What Did We Learn?

This past week, we watched the New Orleans Saints give their rival Atlanta Falcons their first loss, saw Philip Rivers throw for over 500 yards (and lose), the Detroit Lions earned their first win (not happy), and Johnny Manziel was caught drinking. What did we learn though?


It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Supercam
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to actually notice what Cam Newton is doing in Carolina. The man is doing more than half the league while working with close to nothing. Outside of Greg Olsen and a somewhat Jonathon Stewart, the man doesn’t have anybody worth mentioning. To have the ability to go into Seattle and complete a game winning drive with seconds remaining in the game catches attention across the entire league. The Legion of Boom hasn’t played up to par at all this year but Seattle is still one of the toughest places to play on the road. Their defense gets a lot of credit. However, without Cam Newton, this team will probably bw worse than thw Detroit Lions.


Same Old Story 1a
It seems like it doesn’t matter how many weapons you put around Andrew Luck, the New England Patriots will find a way dominate the Indianapolis Colts. Even though the final score was 34-27, you felt that the Patriots was always up by two touchdowns at all times. New England’s defense is underrated and played really good defense. As for the Colts, the two main issues that have always held them back has been the offensive line and the run defense. Granted Matt Hasselbeck found success while starting in place of Andrew Luck the past couple of weeks, there’s no way your Right Tackle should be getting bullied consistently and your Guards get beat off thr edge on passing downs. The Colts was my prediction to make it to the Super Bowl. I’m not saying it’s not going to happen but they need to turn it around as soon as possible…OH and not to mention that fake punt/sneak debacle.


Same Old Story 1b
I’m pretty sure I mentioned how mediocre the San Diego Chargers are (about a week ago!), and the game against the Green Bay Packers proved my point. How does your star quarterback throw for 503 yards and lose the game? How are you stopped within 4 yards of the goal line with 2 time outs and 4 tries at the end zone? It’s things like this that I almost can’t comprehend because it’s inexcusable. That was only the 17th time in the history of the NFL that a quarterback has thrown for 500 yards in a single game. Somebody’s job has to be in jeopardy after that game. Even though it’s impermissible, I’m not surprised because after all, we are talking about the San Diego Chargers.


Contenders And Pretenders
Where to begin? I’m going on the record and saying that the Atlanta Falcons are a pretender for 3 reasons: the suspect defense, Matt Ryan, and Julio Jones. The Falcons are Julio Jones or bust because he’s a real game changer. The Falcons are also Matt Ryan or bust because he’ll lose you more games than win in meaningful games. I am prematurely throwing Seattle into the same category until their running game and secondary get their acts together. The same goes for Indy. Arizona is a contender even though they lost to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh will be a legitimate threat in the AFC when Big Ben comes back. The Denver Broncos are Peyton Manning or bust for the first time in the Manning era. Their defense is elite. New England and Green Bay are usually defense/quarterback or bust. The jury is still out on majority of the teams but time will tell like always.

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