Week 7: What Did We Learn?

Week 7 is over with and we’ve seen quite a bit. We saw Tom Brady play an incredible game against a resentful Jets defense. We witnessed Matt Ryan to become the 5th fastest quarterback to reach 30,000 passing yards in NFL history. Also, I’m still trying to figure out which is the worst team in the NFL between Houston, Baltimore, and Detroit. But… what else did we learn?

The Real Miami Dolphins?
Ever since the Miami Dolphins fired their coach Joe Philbin and was replaced with interim head coach Dan Campbell, they have played like the team that quite a few people thought they could play like, including myself. Lamar Miller is running the ball with authority, Ryan Tannehill looks like the leader that the organization has invested in, and the defense has finally come to life. The Dolphins scored 41 points before halftime against the Houston Texans this past Sunday. We are really going to see how legitimate they are when they travel to New England on Thursday. If they somehow sneak away with a victory, this turnaround shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Ravens Aren’t Good Enough
Besides winning an improbable game against Pittsburgh, the Baltimore Ravens have looked helpless even though their efforts weren’t subpar. The fact of the matter is that the Ravens just aren’t talented enough. Their defense pedigree is a thing of the past. Even though their offense line has been struggling, Justin Forsett is a 2nd tier running back at best. Outside of Steve Smith Sr., Joe Flacco’s weapons are as real as the Easter Bunny. It’s about that time to officially rebuild while they still have movable pieces. Steve Smith Sr. has said he’ll quit if he gets traded, but I seriously believe that in the Carolina Panthers start making phone calls, he’ll be okay with returning to his home away from home. Baltimore is nowhere the same team as it was when the won the Super Bowl a few years ago. It’s time to start from scratch.

Open Season in the AFC South
Never really thought I would even have to mention open season and the AFC South in the same sentence. This division is usually the Indianapolis Colts to lose and lose hard. Shockingly, that’s what’s happening. I picked this team to go to the Super Bowl, and they have looked anything but super. It’s inexcusable that their record is below 500 after 7 games. Fortunately for them, Tennessee has a rookie quarterback who’s going through the motions, Jacksonville is still figuring out their potential, and Houston is looking like an NFL Europe team (Throwback!). They still have time to turn it around but c’mon man!

Is Arian Foster Done?
The most unfortunate news of the weekend was Arian Foster’s leg injury. The doctors have confirmed that he has torn his Achilles and will miss the remaining of the 2015 season. Arian Foster has missed a number of games due to injury over the past 5 seasons including a herniated disc in 2013 and chronic hamstring injuries. Along with J.J. Watt, Foster is the centerpiece of the franchise and the engine on offense. Without him, the team struggles and struggles significantly. With that being said, Will Arian ever be the same explosive player again? I pray he has a speedy and successful recovering and can play like the Arian Foster that we know, but it’s unknown if he can return to that stature.

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