Week 10: What Did We Learn?

Another week down, another week of excitement. New England barely stayed flawless, Green Bay lost to the horrific v Detroit Lions (3 in a row), and Tony Romo will be back next Sunday. What else did we learn?

Peyton Manning

The Ugly Great Peyton Manning
We probably all witnessed the greatest regular season quarterback to ever step foot on the gridiron. Peyton Manning has broken almost every statistical record that Brett Favre has set (wasn’t that long ago). The latest record of Favre’s to be broken was the 71,838 career passing yards. It was a monumental achievement, something we may never see happen again. The same day that Manning made history, is, unfortunately, the same day he played the worst game of his career. He completed 5 of 20 attempts for 35 yards with 0 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. Then he was uncharacteristically pulled from the game in the 3rd quarter. Peyton hasn’t looked like Peyton this year. Presumably, this may be his last year. Even though he is having a dismal season statistically, number 18’s legacy could never be tarnished (unless he was shaving points or something).

DeAndre Hopkins

Bengals: Until they win an actual playoff game, they will always be a pretender!
Falcons: They are starting to revert back to the Falcons that we are used to. These next 2 games will determine what we can expect from them, starting with the Colts.
Raiders: Just when you think the Raiders would take advantage of a rare opportunity, they couldn’t get it done against the Vikings. They are young and talented, but that’s about it for the moment. Oh, and Aldon Smith is suspended for a year (shaking my head).
Redskins: The Redskins won’t make the playoffs because Kirk Cousins is their quarterback.
St. Louis: The team has a lot of potential but only random spurts of promise to show for it. Benching Nick Foles isn’t a good sign either.

Larry Fitzgerald

Cardinals: This is probably the most balanced team in the NFC with a veteran quarterback, a hall of fame wide receiver, and a stud cornerback. They are legit.
Panthers: It’s time to start believing if you haven’t already. The team consists of Cam Newton, Greg Olsen, and their defense. And they’re still undefeated.
Broncos: The game against the Chiefs was a wash but they are still a threat this year all Thanks to their defense. If or when that offense can become consistent again, be afraid.
Patriots: Despite losing Dion Lewis and Julian Edelman, the Patriots are still the Patriots.


Don’t Be Surprised If…
If the Seahawks or the Bears make the playoffs.
If the Jaguars win the division.
If the Giants or Steelers make it to the Super Bowl.

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