Hall Of Fame Debate: Marshawn Lynch

The past 2 off seasons, in addition to this one coming up, Beast Mode will be contemplating retirement. Coming over from the Buffalo Bills in 2010, Skittles has helped rejuvenate the city of Seattle after the days of Shaun Alexander (who!?). Besides that MVP season where he broke the rushing touchdown record within a single season, Alexander wasn’t productive with injuries being the main reason. Lynch also achieved what Shaun Alexander, Matt Hasselbeck, and that Superbowl bound Seahawks team couldn’t do, and that’s win it all in 2014.


His first four full seasons in Seattle, Marshawn Lynch was flat out dominant, including the berth of Beast Mode in the first round of the 2011 playoffs against the New Orleans Saints (WATCH IT HERE). Even though Lynch hasn’t eclipsed 10,000 rushing yards for his career, it’s moments like that have left even a fairweather fan in awe.

Probably the most memorable is his moments with the media (WATCH IT HERE). He has been the workhorse for city and the engine to their car. The Legion Of Boom has solidified their defense while Skittles has stamped his legacy into the Seattle Seahawks history books. Will his contributions be enough to get into the pro football hall of fame? What do you all think? Leave your comments below!


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