Hall Of Fame Debate: Terrell Owens

This shouldn’t even be a debate. The fact that he’s not a first ballot hall of famer is blasphemy. This is a case where everyone wants to remember the negative aspects of a person instead of his contributions.


He’s sixth all time in receptions, third in receiving touchdowns, and second in receiving yards. Terrell Owens broke the record for most receptions (20) in one game against the Chicago Bears (sad face) while being a member of the San Francisco 49’ers (until Brandon Marshall set the record in 2009). Let’s not forget about his star stellar performance in the Superbowl on a severely sprained ankle. Besides the above-average drops, he was everything you wanted in a wide receiver. His work ethic is off the charts. He’s ambitious and always motivated. He could probably still play in the NFL today, truthfully speaking.





I’m not here to defend his antics because what he has done in the past was inexcusable at times. Bashing your quarterbacks and making demands doesn’t equal a good teammate. However, what I am aiming at is that what does any other that has to do with his productivity on the field? The media and journalists are the ones in charge of who enters the hall. I know T.O. wasn’t their favorite person by any means, but to deny him a ticket into Canton on his first try because he rubbed you the wrong way or to “humble him” instead of his resume is unacceptable.


The guy came to play football and he was definitely one of the best to ever do it. What’s your opinion?


8 thoughts on “Hall Of Fame Debate: Terrell Owens

  1. Sad thing unfortunately, is that most of the hall of fame voters are old school so they believe in morality over talent. Everyone knows TO should have been a first ballot pick. Hell it took Cris Carter 6years to get in, he’ll get one.

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  2. I’m from Philadelphia so the team killer that was TO is but a distant memory. I’ll tell you what I do remember. He was awesome. A huge ego but immensely entertaining. People forget this is a GAME. He’s not a cancer researcher, he’s an entertainer! Everyone acted as if TO’s shennanigan’s were going to bring on the end of the world. Lighten up everyone. Besides, half of the TO problem in Philly was Donovan McNabb. But that’s another story… I think he should go in first ballot, too.

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  3. We in Philly are quite familiar with the “complex” person he is but if on-the-field performance still matters in these matters he should have been in the first time around. I don’t put much stock in Hall of Fames but I do realize how very much it can mean to the athletes if they are fortunate enough to be elected.

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