Chicago Bulls: Sink Or Swim


My beloved Chicago Bulls has had an interesting season thus far. Many would say it’s disappointing so far. I’ll admit their record and positioning within the Eastern Conference is lower than I expected, but what did you really expect when Harvey Dent (Fred Hoiberg) is implementing a new system (he looks like Harvey Dent from “The Dark Knight” to me).


I expected the new changes to take time and I’m fine with that. What I didn’t expect was for my Bulls to have a lack of effort for long stretches, especially on the defensive end. The gritty, pressuring, “tough-as-nails” defensive identity is gone. It may come back but not anytime soon. The injuries during the year doesn’t help, especially when one of your all-star players is out for over a month.


On the flip side, the most positive thing that I have noticed is the REAL return of Derrick Rose. He struggled out the gate and people were seriously questioning if he would ever be a shell of himself. Now, his numbers are almost identical to his prime years and his incomparable explosiveness, agility, and speed looks back to his younger days.


The 7 games that Rose has played in since the All-star break, he’s averaged 21.4 ppg while shooting over 50% from the field. The chemistry him and Jimmy Butler has hit a new plateau. The role players like E’Twuan Moore, Doug McDermott, Mike Dunleavey, and Taj Gibson has played a lot since the beginning of the year. Things are finally start to click.


The Bulls are sitting at the 8th seed with 20 games to go. Jimmy Buckets will back soon, Derrick Rose has looked great, and the team itself is playing better. The future is unknown after this season with players like Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah hitting the free agency. It’s sink or swim for my Bulls. Hopefully they have life jackets at the very least.


9 thoughts on “Chicago Bulls: Sink Or Swim

  1. Would you rather the Bulls just move on from the Derrick Rose era if given the chance, or has he given you enough hope that you would like to keep him?

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    1. I want him to stay. He has given the city real hope since Michael Jordan. Also, the positive things he does for the community goes unnoticed a lot of times.


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