Road To Houston: Final Four

What a tournament so far! My bracket was sabotaged when Michigan State went down (I’m sure I’m not the only one who went down with me). There were quite a few upsets that left us in awe and disbelief.



North Carolina has played to their potential and are the clear favorites to win it all. Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson is making it look easy.


Villanova has surprised me this year even though they were a 2 seed. This is their second final four appearance since 1985. In their recent history, Villanova usually chokes and disappoints (similar to Georgetown). Beating Kansas was the definite eye-opener.


Syracuse is the ultimate shocker right now. They went from a team that didn’t even belong in the tournament to pulling off improbable wins to reach the final four (like being down 16 to Virginia). That 2-3 zone has bent but hasn’t broken.


Buddy Hield is a monster and has taken the tournament by storm. I originally picked Oklahoma to get to the NCAA Championship game and they are poised to do so.

At this point I’m hoping for a stunning finish to cap off this amazing March Madness season.


7 thoughts on “Road To Houston: Final Four

  1. I went to the first and second round games in Brooklyn and Stephen F. Austin was a joy to watch. Notre Dame was lucky to sneak past them. I was impressed with Villanova’s win over Kansas because a team that lives on 3’s shot 4 for 18 and still won. They of course were aided by Kansas’ selfish one on one style of play. With the game on the line no one on Kansas touched the ball except the point guard. So it was fitting that Nova stripped him to sew it up.

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    1. That had to been awesome to be apart of that atmosphere! Team ball and guard play usually wins on the collegiate level. Playing “hero” ball will send you home faster than the last day of school.


  2. I think most people’s brackets were busted that first week when those 15&16 seeds beat out those top seeds. Syracuse was definitely a shock to make it this far. Hopefully they don’t have enough to beat my Tarheels, who I picked to win the whole thing (which was probably about the only thing my bracket may have gotten right) definitely has been a hell of a tournament though. Do you have an NBA team? You on facebook? If so, come join my shiree talks too much page. You might enjoy it.

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  3. As a Syracuse native and longtime fan, I couldn’t be more proud of the Orange. They faced a tough season where their team and coach were unfairly penalized by the NCAA. They then faced criticism for even being selected for the tournament. I will actually be in Syracuse to watch the game on television with my friends and family this Saturday night and, regardless of the outcome, I will be proud of them just for getting this far against the odds.

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