Bro Code?

If Kobe Bryant had his way for his final season, the Los Angeles Lakers would be getting ready to make a championship run with him leading the charge. Instead, the Lakers are in the basement of the NBA with the organization promoting Kobe’s last hoorah in visiting cities. Kobe has less than 10 games left of his career and it cannot come any sooner. With the drama going on in the locker room involving Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell, this may be the icing on the cake for the Lakers’ season. If you haven’t heard, Russell secretly recorded Young confessing about other women he messed with that his fiancée (and rapper) Iggy Azalea.



Prank or no prank, nobody wins from this. The whole world knows that Nick Young is unfaithful (unfortunately just like many celebrities and athletes). More significantly, D’Angelo Russell is known as being an immature “snitch”. His teammates are isolating him. He won’t ever be trusted again. The locker had trust issues to begin with so this just broke the mold. His agent may not want him anymore. The organization may contemplate trading him for the right offer, but players around the league are aware if the situation and feel the same way too.


Bottom line is that Iggy Azalea is the real victim here. Nick Young shouldn’t have done what he did. However, no other grown man should be intervening in another grown man’s business. If karma was going to happen to Nick Young, it should’ve happened on his own terms and not in the hands of a teammate who a secretly recorded video that got leaked. Russell is going to have a long road ahead of him to recover from this. The only from here is up.

What do you think about the situation???



2 thoughts on “Bro Code?

  1. I think no matter what line of job and career you are in- respect your colleagues, do you job and what happens in your personal life has nada to do with anyone else. -Be professional and an adult. how the hell is a team going to have any chance of winning with so much crap going on within the team

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  2. I think it’s a real shame that the Lakers can’t trust their own teammates. Where is the professionalism? Where is the respect? Where is all of this backstabbing coming from? Why the controversy? Let’s get back to the game, people! A team is always united in all ways – not fragmented like this. This isn’t what the game is all about. :/

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