Game 7


Game 7… The end of a battle… Equivalent to a season finale of your favorite television show (mines would be The Flash)… Similar to the last movie in a trilogy (like The Matrix trilogy)…  It is one of the most prolific events across all sports (second only to The Super Bowl in my opinion).



Game 7 is a different atmosphere. The teams have become very accustomed to their opponent over the previous 6 games. There’s no more making  adjustments at this point. Your strategy is not surprising and almost irrelevant. At this point, it’s all about heart… Who wants it more… And how bad do you want it.


The Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder are the latest victims of this scenario. In my opinion I believe either the Warriors win by double digits, win a close game, or the Thunder sneaks by in Oracle arena. This could be the last game in the Durant/Westbrook era (Kevin Durant is a free agent in July).



What seemed like a sure trip the NBA Finals, will make for an epic game one way or another. When being down 3 games to 1 and having Klay Thompson making 11 3 pointers in an improbable game 6 win sets up for something magical… And having this game on Memorial Day, will make it that much more memorable.



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