My Trending Stories

So I’ve been presented with an opportunity to publish my work on My Trending Stories and I accepted. I will continue to publish my work on here and some on there as well. I will even promote my blog on their website as well. This will give me an opportunity reach a broader audience on a different platform. Hopefully I will see some of you over there. My content will always be posted on here first. I’ve only been blogging for less than a year so I’m really excited for this new chapter!

43 thoughts on “My Trending Stories

    1. Hi! So far it’s good. I’m just getting used to the set up. It definitely offers you a broader audience. You can also link your Twitter and Facebook pages if you have them. Overall, I like it so far.


    1. Did you decide to accept? This offer feels like that time in high school when a publishing house asked to publish a poem from my website… so they could sell me a book with my own poem in it. Does it actually increase your personal blog traffic?

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      1. I understand what you’re saying. I did accept it, but I haven’t spent too much time on it to see a difference in traffic yet. However, the potential is high. I’m curious to see how much it can help once I put more time into it.

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      2. lol I didn’t do it. They are super new it seems. I have more followers than their website but it might pick up one day. I think they are literally offering it to as many bloggers as possible posing it like its a job. Fishy.

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    1. Hi, honestly I haven’t used it as much as I originally planned. However, I still plan on getting more usage out of it. There is a high potential of growth from their website so we’ll see what happens.


    1. Hey, I haven’t posted on there like I initially thought I would because I keep forgetting. You don’t have to pay and you do have a chance to get paid. They encourage you to share your blog. Their main premise is to give bloggers an outlet without restrictions.

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  1. I just got an email from them today. On their website it says they can put ads in your posts to potentially earn money, but they choose the people randomly that they put the ads in.


    1. Hey! I am happy about joining. I don’t post on there nearly as often as on WordPress, however, they are growing fast and presents a lot of opportunities. I didn’t want to have any regrets not trying it out. So far so good.


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