NBA Free Agency: Winners, Losers and Hornets…

Shiree Talks Too Much!!

Christmas in July is a statement that is ringing true for the NBA’s biggest fans as we’ve immersed ourselves into the saga that is free agency.

The last six days have been filled with top-notch additions for some franchises while others have been left picking up the pieces after some major departures.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest winners and losers.

stephen-curry-draymond-green-nba-charlotte-hornets-golden-state-warriors-590x900Golden State Warriors- hands down THE biggest winner of free agency. After winning their first title back in 2015, they went on to lose a 3-1 lead over the Cavs and their second straight title. It was a devastating loss, but it didn’t stop the team from moving on and preparing to go at it again next season.

Their biggest acquisition came from the Oklahoma City Thunder when small forward Kevin Durant announced he would leave his home for the last nine years, to join the…

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