NFL: Playoffs-Divisional Championships

Shiree Talks Too Much!!

This is it folks. Welcome to the final round of the divisional playoffs. This is when we find out who will be squaring off for Super Bowl 51.

Who will represent the NFC and AFC in this year’s championship game? Let’s take a look.

Last week: 4-0

SUNDAY, Jan. 22

Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons-3:05 p.m. ET

ryan-rodgersPick: Packers

Of all the teams I imagined being in the NFC championship, I did not imagine the meeting between Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan. I thought for sure that the Falcons would do the same thing they do every season–find a way to choke their playoff hopes away. Yet here they are just one game away from the promised land. Their defense has come through all season, but the offensive play of Matt Ryan, along with names like Julio Jones and DeVontae Freeman have given the dirty birds a hope they haven’t…

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