Top 10 Sports Moments Of 2015

We have finally arrived! 2015 went by with a blink of an eye, but so many moments have happened along the way. Several weeks ago, I let you all submit your nominees for your favorite sports moment of the year. Then, I let you all vote for your favorite moments from the final list. This past Sunday, I was on “The Come Up Podcast” for my monthly visit. I announced the order of the results (that you’ll see in a second). Below, are the results of your votes. Thanks for participating!!


10) Michigan Fumble

9) Colts Epic Fail

8) Warriors Title

7) Serena Slam

6) Blackhawks Stanley Cup

5) Down Goes Rousey

4) The Interception

3) Leah Strong



2) Bat Flip

1) “You Know Why I’m Here”

The Come Up Podcast 3.0

Every last Sunday of the month, I have the privilege of joining The Come Up Podcast to talk about sports. This past Sunday was all about the upcoming NBA season. We talked about NBA stars such as LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, James Harden, and Kevin Durant, the 2015 free agency, our predictions of the season and more!

You can listen to the podcast below!


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The Come Up Podcast 2.0

The Come Up Podcast

I was able to make my second appearance on The Come Up Podcast this past weekend. The last weekend of the month, they allow me to come on a talk sports. This episode was about Allen Iverson, Vince Carter’s legendary dunk, the NFL season thus far and more! Check it out below!

Sports Show

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The Come Up


Three of my brothers from another mother have a podcast called “The Come Up”, where they talk about relevant topics to our everyday lives. I was asked to be on the recent episode. This past week topic was College Athletes Need A Check Too! which was based on my previous post about college sports and slavery. Every month, I will be featured on their show for sports topics and debates. I feel very honored and blessed for this opportunity to continue what I love to do.

Please check out the podcast from this past week! (Link is above).

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Big ups to my bros!