JGood’s QB List Entering 2017

I’m ranking the projected 32 starting quarterbacks entering the 2017 season. Obviously, parts of this list are debatable, but (I believe) this is the most accurate list to date.

Bottom of the Barrel

Bryce Petty

32) Bryce Petty – NY Jets
You have to start somewhere.

31) Jared Goff – LA Rams
Can’t wait to see what he’s made of.

30) Cody Kessler – Cleveland
It’s the Browns (future starting to look bright though).

29) Brian Hoyer – San Francisco
Somehow he finds his way on the field.

28) Tom Savage – Houston
We’ll see. He has a lot of weapons around him though.

27) Trevor Siemian – Denver
Not sure how long this will last, but he had some good moments last season.

26) Mike Glennon – Chicago
Hopefully, he’s mentally tough. He’s in a lose-lose situation.

Hot Seat

Blake Bortles

25) Blake Bortles – Jacksonville
He has more career pick-6’s (11) than career wins (10). Let that sink in.

24) Alex Smith – Kansas City
It’s not his first time on the hot season and won’t be the last.

23) Ryan Tannehill – Miami
Something has to give. He’s getting paid too much money to be this inconsistent.

22) Sam Bradford – Minnesota
Even though Teddy Bridgewater is still recovering from his injury, the Vikings gave up way too much to not make the playoffs.

21) Tyrod Taylor – Buffalo
The Bills Organization may not believe in Tyrod, but he has enough talent to keep them in games.

20) Joe Flacco – Baltimore
That Super Bowl win seems so far away…


Carson Wentz

19) Carson Wentz – Philadelphia
He should be higher on this list when the season is over.

18) Kirk Cousins – Washington
It’s Kirk Cousins or bust for Kirk Cousins. He won’t be back next year.

17) Eli Manning – NY Giants
Good Eli. Bad Eli. Ugly Eli. Which one will show up this year?

16) Carson Palmer – Arizona
Even though the offense is talent, the end may be near for him.


Dak Prescott

15) Dak Prescott – Dallas
Dak has given Dallas “hope” to end their two-decade Super Bowl drought.

14) Marcus Mariota – Tennessee
This offense should be fun to watch. He continues to get better.

13) Jameis Winston – Tampa Bay
He may end up in the top 10 by the end of the season. He has the potential to lead the Bucs into contention.

12) Andy Dalton – Cincinnati
Just needs to get it done in the playoffs.

Very Good

Andrew Luck

11) Andrew Luck – Indianapolis
He has the talent to be an elite quarterback (just needs an offensive line). He just needs to get it done.

10) Philip Rivers – LA Chargers
He has been consistent over his career but has yet to get over the hump.

9) Russell Wilson – Seattle
Russell has championship-pedigree. Will he be able to put it all together again is the question.

8) Cam Newton – Carolina
Overall, he’s possibly the hardest quarterback to bring down (even with that bad offensive line). He still has accuracy issues (misses high) but he’s still dangerous.

7) Matthew Stafford – Detroit
He proved that didn’t need Calvin Johnson to put up big time numbers. Just need the organization to change its culture.

6) Derek Carr – Oakland
He’s knocking on the door of elite status. He was having an MVP-caliber season before the season-ending leg injury. Expect big things from him and the Raiders.


Drew Brees

5) Drew Brees – New Orleans
He’s been so good for so long. Just wished their defense would’ve been better over the years.

4) Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh
His window is closing to get his 3rd Super Bowl title with his elite offense. Super Bowl or bust right now.

3) Matt Ryan – Atlanta
He finally put his skills and potential together last season and lead the Falcons to the Super Bowl. Will they get back to the big stage?

Crème De La Crème

Aaron Rodgers

2) Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay
“The human cheat code” is way too talented to only have one Super Bowl ring in his career. The window will be closed sooner than later.

1) Tom Brady – New England
I don’t know how much more he has in the tank at age 40, but until we show signs of him coming down to Earth, he’s the best.

Tom Brady


Week 5: What Did We Learn?

Another week has concluded in the NFL and the season has been amazing so far. 6 undefeated teams still remaining after week 5!?!? The finish to the Chargers/Steelers game was unbelievable! Devonta Freeman of the Atlanta Falcons is proving that he isn’t a fantasy football fluke. What else did we learn?


Cutler In The Clutch
Personally, entering this game I felt my Chicago Bears had a slim chance of winning this game. Not because of the swiss cheese defense or the insufficient weapons on offense but for the simple fact the game was at Arrowhead, a place where it’s tough to beat Kansas City. The way the flow of the game was going, the Chiefs was one big play away from icing the game early and you could feel it coming. But then the unthinkable happened… Jamaal Charles went down (I’m a big fan of his. I have him in 4 fantasy football leagues but I’m more concerned with his help. I pray he will have a speedy recovery). Once that happened, the Bears started to believe they could win the game. The defense started to play solid and their offense responded. Jay Cutler hit Marques Wilson with a 22 yard touchdown with 3:05 left in the game. Cutler then finds Matt Forte with the game winning score with 18 seconds left after dropping the snap. The Bears have won 2 consecutive games off of game winning drives. The Bears travel to Detroit next Sunday to play a struggling Lions team.


Ugly In Motown
Speaking of the Lions, its looking gloomy. Their winless start is surprising and unsurprising at the same time. They have so much talent on the offense to be winless, BUT at the same time we’re talking about the Lions. Their defense lost it’s “mojo” from last year, the running game is obsolete, and Matthew Stafford has turned into Casper the friendly ghost. I don’t understand how you are winless through 5 games when you have Megatron on your team. He can win you a few games by himself. Cam Newton has far less weapons to use and his team can score points, and they’re undefeated (granted their defense is amazing but he team still has to play offense). The Lions have other weapon as well but if you can’t utilize your best player then what’s the point of mentioning them?


San Diego Equals Mediocre
When T.I. made that song “No Mediocre”, he was referring to women and the San Diego Chargers. Ever since LaDainian Tomlinson left San Diego for the New York Jets, the Chargers have been stuck in a state of mediocrity. They have a legitimate quarterback in Philip Rivers with his best receiving option being an aging tight end Antonio Gates for all of his career. Their defense has been average at best over the years. They are not bad enough to get a high draft pick, but they are not good enough to make a playoff run if they make the playoffs. A roadblock was put up when Peyton Manning entered the AFC West. As long as number 18 is the quarterback in Denver, Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers will always be grounded. And as long as they keep making conservative offseason moves, they will always be mediocre.


Who’s The Real MVP?
I know a couple of weeks ago I suggested that Julio Jones was the early favorite as MVP but since then his production has decreased courtesy of Matt Ryan. Honestly, the award is a free for all thus far. Tom Brady has been almost flawless this year his team is undefeated. Well, the same could be said about Andy Dalton. Aaron Rodgers is Aaron Rodgers, and Cam Newton is making a dollar out of 15 cents. Then you can’t over look Carson Palmer and Matt Forte quietly leads the league in rushing. It’s too early to tell but who do you think is the MVP so far?


Darkhorses Are Looming
The known threats (Green Bay, New England, Denver, and Seattle will get it together) every year is around again. There are a couple of teams they has flown under the radar or not have been taking seriously. The Arizona Cardinals are a legitimate threat to come out the NFC as long as Carson Palmer doesn’t go down. The Cincinnati Bengals are another team but probably won’t get the respect because Andy Dalton has been a disappearing act the postseason. The jury is still out on them and rightfully so. The same can be said about Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. Some other teams have potential but let’s see how it plays out.