Hall Of Fame Debate: Michael Vick

Growing up, there were only a few NFL players that really caught my attention because of their impact on the game. Deion Sanders is my favorite cornerback to ever lace ’em up. Randy Moss is my favorite wide receiver to step foot on the gridiron. My love for the quarterback position started with Steve Young and Brett Farve. All of them have inspired me and are now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame (except Randy Moss).

Since the dawn of time, quarterbacks have been known to stay in the pocket and deliver the ball to their targets. Until the impact of Warren Moon, the quarterback position has been predominately caucasian. Over the last 25 years, we’ve seen more diversity at the quarterback position. Also in that course of time, we have witnessed the evolution of dual-threat quarterbacks. We went from a few like Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, and Dante Culpepper to the likes of Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Colin Kaepernick, Dak Prescott, Alex Smith, Tyrod Taylor, and more.

Image result for michael vick falcons
The pivotal reason for the surge of dual-threat quarterbacks in the NFL today was the emergence of Michael Vick in 2001. The former Virgina Tech star was the most electrifying quarterback in the history of the NFL. The number one overall pick, who ran a 4.25 40-yard dash time at the NFL Draft Combine, was embarrassing opposing defenses with his legs with his speed, agility, acceleration, and elusive juke moves. Also, he is the greatest video game athlete of all-time (if you played Madden 2004, you know what I’m talking about).

Image result for michael vick madden 2004
Michael Vick finished his career with 21,503 passing yards, 131 passing TDs, 6,109 rushing yards (most ever for a quarterback), 36 rushing touchdowns, and went to 4 Pro Bowls. The Atlanta Falcons lead the league in rushing from 2004-2006, spearheaded by Vick, Warrick Dunn, and T.J. Duckett. Michael Vick had his best success as an overall quarterback under Andy Reid with the Philadelphia Eagles, especially in 2010 (3,018 passing yards, 21 passing TDs, 6 INT, 676 rushing yards, 9 rushing TDs). Also, he had the greatest performance of his career that season in December against the New York Giants.

I’m not going to get into the dog fighting allegations again because it’s irrelevant at the moment (CLICK HERE to check it out), and he has had injuries that have derailed some of his progress as a player. However, I believe he deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame. His statistics as a quarterback are probably not Hall Of Fame worthy, but his impact and legacy, to me, are enough credentials to get him in. Do you think Michael Vick should get in?


2016 Sports Moments: Top 10

What a year! I hope everybody enjoyed 2016. If you didn’t for whatever reason, I hope 2017 will be a better one. In the sports world, we definitely had our fair share of good and bad moments. We even had some interesting moments like Odell Beckham Jr. going one on one with a kicking net (and losing), Rougned Odor knocking the shades off of Jose Bautista’s face, Kevin Durant shaking up the NBA by signing with the Golden State Warriors, and JR Smith being topless for about half the week (supposedly) since the beginning of the Cleveland Cavaliers championship parade.

Honorable Mentions

  • Joe Thomas Sr. (55 year old running back from South Carolina State becoming the oldest man to play Division I football. His son Joe Thomas Jr. is a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers)
  • Colin Kaepernick Kneeling (You may or may not agree with Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling to the National Anthem, but the reason behind the action should be the focal point)
  • Conor McGregor Dominance (Conor McGregor became the first 2 division champion in UFC this year. His next venture may be a fight with Floyd Mayweather, but we’ll see)

10) Ken Griffey Jr. Hall Of Fame (Almost) Unanimous

“The Kid” is my all-time favorite baseball player, ever since I saw him swing with the Seattle Mariners (I barely remember that). In January, Griffey and Mike Piazza were the only two players elected to the National Baseball Hall Of Fame. This is the hardest sport to get placed into the hall of fame because it requires 75% of the vote. The most impressive and staggering note to take away is that Griffey received the highest percent of votes in the history of Major League Baseball at 99.3% (437 out of 440 votes). Personally, Ken Griffey Jr. should have been the first unanimous hall of famer, and I would love to hear their reason for not voting Griffey in for those 3 voters who didn’t vote for him. Nevertheless, this is an astonishing achievement to cap off a remarkable career.

9) Stephen Curry: Unanimous MVP

Speaking of unanimous, Stephen Curry became the first player in NBA history to be voted unanimous MVP of a season. In 2015, the Golden State Warriors shocked the world by winning their first NBA Title in 40 years. Trying to top that achievement in 2016, the Warriors won the most games in a season in NBA history with 73, while Steph Curry was putting on a display. Even though Golden State came up a Draymond Green kick and few plays short of repeating this past June, they found a way to steal the headlines over the summer (signing of Kevin Durant).

8) Von Miller Dominates Super Bowl 50

Even though Cam Newton (#1 overall pick) was the only player selected ahead of Von Miller (#2 overall pick) in the 2011 NFL Draft, Von Miller came out on top on the biggest stage. Newton looked like “Superman” throughout the whole season until the Super Bowl, where Miller registered 2.5 sacks and forcing 2 turnovers. His constant pass rush disrupted the Carolina Panthers offense the entire game. If Von Miller wasn’t hitting the quarterback, Demarcus Ware was definitely getting a few hits in from what I remember.

7) Bolt, Phelps, USA Takeover Rio 2016 

Rio 2016 will go down as one of the most memorable summer Olympics ever. It signifies the end of an era with Usain Bolt accomplishing the “triple-triple” (winning the 100m, 200m, and 4 x 100m relay races consecutively in 2008, 2012, & 2016) and Michael Phelps winning a total of 28 medals (23 gold medals). The United States also were dominant in swimming events, gymnastics, and track and field events. I’m going to miss seeing Bolt and Phelps dominate their respective competition, but I’m excited to see who’s going to be the next sensation on sports’ biggest stage in Tokyo 2020.

6) Villanova Buzzer Beater

From what I remember, Villanova has always been a tournament let down whenever they are seeded high. This past March and April, Villanova actually lived up to the hype. Their mind-blowing victory over North Carolina in the NCAA Championship game was the icing on the cake. That game, in particular, was arguably the best championship game I’ve ever witnessed. The game had non-stop action with suspense and an appropriate climax. Kris Jenkins brought the game to a close and a National Title home to “Nova”.

5) Eric Berry’s Homecoming

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO. Eric Berry has been my favorite safety in the NFL since he came into the league back in 2010. Berry was diagnosed with cancer in December of 2014 and was pronounced cancer free in July of 2015. When he bounced back after 7 months, it gave me a stronger reason of why he’s my favorite safety. Atlanta is Eric Berry’s hometown and where he received treatment during his fight against cancer. In his first visit back since therapy, Berry had a “pick 6” and a failed 2 point conversation returned for a touchdown (another pick 6) to solidify the Kansas City Chiefs victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

4) Mamba Out: Kobe Bryant’s Final Game

On the last day of the 2015-16 regular season, you had the choice to either watch the Golden State Warriors go for 73 wins or Kobe Bryant’s last game. I caught the 4th quarter of “Mamba Out”. I wasn’t the biggest Kobe fan, but I truly respected him. Watching the final 3 to 4 minutes live gave me chills and rewatching this video duplicated how I felt about it. Seeing him leave the game lets you know that an era in the NBA has ended (and my childhood basketball icons are gone). When you add Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen (officially announced his retirement) to that list of retirees in 2016, you have a higher level of appreciation for the game of basketball (and an epic hall of fame class down the line). Paul Pierce, Dirk Nowitzki, and Manu Ginobili are next in line.

3) Cavaliers Comeback 3-1

In June of 2015, the Cleveland Cavaliers came up short in the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors. Even though LeBron James nearly averaged a triple-double, missing Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving due to injuries played a crucial part of them coming up short. A year later (with healthy teammates), the Cavs pulled off an improbable comeback in the NBA Finals. What really makes this achievement special is the fact that this is the first major championship for the city of Cleveland since the Cleveland Browns won in 1964 during the Jim Brown era. This was also the first ever NBA Title for the Cavaliers. Being a Chicago Bulls fan, I wasn’t thrilled about Cleveland winning, however, I know the importance that particular title meant to the city of Cleveland. Congrats, again, to the Cleveland Cavaliers!

2) Passing Of Legends

With the amazing things that I’ve previously mentioned during this countdown thus far, we lost some great people along the way of this special year of 2016. Some of the icons that we’ve lost this year includes boxing legend Muhammad Ali (His contributions inside and outside the ring can’t be compared to another), golfing legend Arnold Palmer (golf’s most beloved figure and he surged the sport into popularity), legendary sports broadcaster Craig Sager (#SagerStrong), former NFL head coach Dennis Green (coached the Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals), legendary women’s basketball head coach Pat Summitt, and ESPN’s reporter John Saunders. I know it can be sad to think about, but we should remember their achievements and how meaningful their contributions were.

1) Cubs Win!

This is by far the most memorable moment for not only this year but the best moment for certain people’s lives. There have been generations that have waited for the day for the Chicago Cubs to win a World Series championship since 1908. I remember a little over a decade ago in 2003 when the Cubs were 5 outs away from the World Series. Then…the Steve Bartman incident happened. I seriously believe Chicago is the best sports city and Chicago Cubs fans are the most loyal fans amongst all major sports. Chicago coming back from 3-1 against Cleveland (pretty ironic), which included an unreal rain delay in extra innings of game 7, made their championship more fitting for the franchise. I know a few Cubs fans that are still celebrating (and it’s well deserved). 2016 is your year, Chicago Cubs.

Happy Holidays!!



Ball Is Life: Windy City’s Spaniards

Last week, I mentioned that I was part of a basketball network at Purdue University Northwest. Apparently, some people within this unofficial fraternity has experienced some unbelievable moments and rare opportunities. A prime example of this is my good friend Angel Martin de Soto, who was the personal assistant of Chicago Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic. I’ve known Angel since 2011 when he first came to the United States from Spain.

He’s one of the best all-around basketball players I ever played with (intramural basketball teammates). From his home country of Spain, Angel has been playing basketball since the age of six. He has played with the youth teams of Unicaja Malaga, one of the Top 5 teams in Spain. Angel has also played 4 years semi-pro in the 3rd Division in Spain.

If you don’t know, Nikola Mirotic is from Spain as well. The 6 foot 10 inch forward was drafted by Houston Rockets with the 23rd overall pick in 2011, but his draft rights were ultimately traded to the Chicago Bulls. Mirotic stayed in Spain until 2014, where he and Real Madrid (basketball team in Spain) reached a buyout of his contract.

Image result for nikola mirotic

I’ve been a Bulls fan ever since I can remember. When Angel first told me about his unusual opportunity back in April of 2015, I was stunned (I actually have that  conversation saved on Facebook).

The reason why I worked for him, it is because Nikola was looking for an assistant that help them with their daily basis in his freshman year. I have a really good relation with his agent and he called me to have a interview.

Even though this job was an experience of a lifetime, just like any job, it came with some hard work and some inconvenient duties.

Everyday was different. It was basically 24/7 on call for whatever they (him and his wife) might need. I usually help them with their personal documents, travel arrangements, game day assistance, like hosting the guests, get their tickets and passes. Also, few times we did some shooting practice in his days off.

On the positive side, just like any job, there are a few benefits that make it worth your time there.


Black Mamba warming up


The fact that both Angel and Nikola Mirotic are from Spain was probably the icing on the cake during their time together. To have someone with you from the same country when trying to adjust to another country’s culture makes the transition less hectic. Angel stopped working for Nikola Mirotic this past August to move back to Spain, but he has truly helped Mirotic adjust to the American culture. As long as Nikola Mirotic is a Chicago Bulls player, I will continue to cheer for him, especially knowing one of my friends has assisted him off the court.


NFL Week 12: Tips and Fantasy Picks



JGood (Green) 

16 New York Giants
15 New England
14 Seattle
13 Pittsburgh
12 Baltimore
11 Miami
10 Buffalo
9 Tennesse
8 Atlanta
7 Sand Diego
6 Green Bay
5 Dallas
4 Denver
3 Oakland
2 Los Angeles
1 Detroit

D.Reed (Blue)

16 New England
15 Seattle
14 New York Giants
13 Pittsburgh
12 Tennessee
11 New Orleans
10 Buffalo
9 Denver
8 Houston
7 Philadelphia
6 Atlanta
5 Oakland
4 Detroit
3 Miami
2 Baltimore
1 Washington

Week 11 Points and Results
JGood: 78 pts (8-6) record; Overall: 740 pts (86-73)
D.Reed: 77 pts (9-5) record;  Overall: 789 pts (94-65)

HOT OR NOT 🔥❄️ (D.Reed)

What’s Hot🔥


Kirk Cousins (Washington @ Dallas)
Kirk Cousins has been on a roll as of late, so why would you shy away from the hot hand?! Cousins has a tough road test this Thanksgiving against one of the leagues top offenses in the Dallas Cowboys!! Even though this matchup may seem like a tough task on paper, I still believe that Cousins will perform well enough to produce QB1 numbers this week!! With the Cowboys’ secondary slightly depleted, Cousins could very well be on his way to another top 10 QB week!!
Derek Carr (Carolina @ Oakland)
Derek Carr is coming off of a very solid performance,throwing for 295 yds, 3 TDs, and 1 INT against a surprisingly, stingy Houston Texans secondary! In week 12, Carr has a matchup against a Carolina Panther defense that has struggled all season long against opposing QBs! With one of the deadliest pass-catching duos in the league at his disposal in Amari Cooper and Micheal Crabtree, I like Carr at home this week against such a shaky secondary!!!
Thomas Rawls (Seattle @ Tampa Bay)
Thomas Rawls was not listed on the injury report Wednesday, and with Christine Micheal recently departed to Green Bay and rookie C.J. Prosise (shoulder) out for the season, Rawls could be in for a huge bump in production! In his first game back from an injury that kept him sidelined since week 3, Rawls ran for 57 yards on 13 carries and caught 3 balls for another 31 yards! Rawls’ week 11 production was very encouraging seeing as how he split carries with Prosise. With Rawls being the clear cut guy in Seattle’s backfield, all signs are pointing towards a “coming out party” for Rawls against a beatable Tampa front!!!
Jay Ajayi (Miami @ San Francisco)
Jay Ajayi could be in for a huge game as he’s up against a 49ers defense that has surrendered the most rushing yards per game and well over 5 yards per carries to opposing running backs this season!!! Nothing more needs to be said. Plug Ajayi into your RB1 slot this week and enjoy!!!
Steve Smith (Cincinnati @ Baltimore)
Steve Smith caught 8 balls for 99 yards and a score in a loss to the Dallas Cowboys last week and has now found pay dirt in the last two weeks!! It seems as if Smith is becoming Joe Flacco’s “security blanket” both in the red zone and on those crucial plays down the stretch. The “ageless wonder” should see his fair share of targets this week against a Cincinnati Bengals defense ranked 24th against the pass. I believe Smith makes it 3 straight games with a score!! Smith makes for a fine WR2 this week!!!
Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona @ Atlanta)
If you have Larry Fitzgerald outside a PPR league, you’ve been fairly disappointed over the past 5 weeks because he’s failed to find the end zone since his week 5 matchup at San Francisco. Carson Palmer’s struggles have in part been the blame for Fitzgerald’s performance or lack thereof. I expect for Fitzgerald to get back on track this week against an Atlanta Falcons defense that has given up 14 TDs and the 5th most points to opposing pass catchers this season!!
Eric Ebron (Minnesota @ Detroit)
Eric Ebron is starting to become a focal point in the Lions’ passing game!! In the last 3 games, Ebron has no less 70 receiving yards, and he even scored a rushing TD at home last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars! This week Ebron is up against the same Minnesota defense he burned for 7 catches and 92 yds in week 9!! Ebron has the upside of a top TE play against a Minnesota defense susceptible to TEs this year!!!
Buffalo (vs Jacksonville)
Buffalo has a great matchup at home this week against a lackluster, turnover prone Jaguars offense!! As long as Blake Bortles continues to turn the ball over at a high rate, opposing defenses will continue to  average 11.5 points per game. If they bring pressure to Bortles early, it could mean another double-digit defense allowed for Jacksonville!!!

What’s Not❄

Blake Bortles (Jacksonville @ Buffalo)
Blake Bortles is dealing with a right shoulder injury and although he is expected to play, I’m predicting a subpar fantasy outing from Bortles on the road against a much-improved Buffalo defense. The only way Bortles could be productive in this one is if the Jags are down a ton early and Jacksonville is forced to chuck it the rest of the game, and even then, it’ll be a stretch for Bortles to become worthy of a start this week!!! Keep a spot for Bortles on your bench this week!!!
Isaiah Crowell (Cleveland @ New York Giants)
With the Giants having surrendered the 6th fewest yards per carry to running backs this season, it’s safe to say that Isaiah Crowell deserves a spot on your bench this week!!! The Browns will most likely abandon the run early, and Crowell’s production will solely be based upon his ability to score on the goal line!!! In a week where there are no byes, I’m sure you can find loads of production at the RB position elsewhere!!!
Marvin Jones (Minnesota @ Detroit)
The season seemed so promising early on for Marvin Jones as he grabbed 18 balls for 408 yards and 2 TDs in his first 3 games of the season. Since then, Jones has only 20 catches for 268 yards and 2 scores in 7 games!!! With his recently poor production and a stingy Minnesota secondary coming to town, it’ll be wise to bench Jones this week and maybe beyond until his production increases.
Cameron Brate (Seattle @ Tampa Bay)
Cameron Brate posted a very disappointing stat line against Kansas City last week, catching only 2 passes for a measly 18 yds!!! Things don’t get any easier as Brate has another brutal matchup on deck for this week against a Seattle Seahawks defense that has allowed only two touchdowns and an average of 6.4 fantasy points per game to opposing TEs!!! Brate wouldn’t be the best TE to turn to in week 12!
Indianapolis (vs Pittsburgh)
The Colts pass defense is ranked dead last in the NFL, and the Steelers offense is ranked 7th in passing yards per game. You do the math!!! Stay away from the Colts defense at all costs!!!


D.Reed @freshprynce23 (Twitter and Instagram)
JGood @jgoodwithsports (Twitter and Instagram)

FireFan App

FireFan is a new app that will allow you to play along with live sports on your mobile device. The app will be dropping this week, just in time for Thanksgiving when you’re stuck on the couch watching football because you’re too full to get up (We’ve all been there).

The app is FREE to download. You will need tokens to play. You can either watch a quick Ad to receive a token or spend money if you want to bypass the advertisement. However, if you CLICK HERE to preregister before the app releases, you’ll be awarded 12 Bonus Tokens using the promo code: JGOOD. This app is not considered gambling and is simple enough to where the average sports fan can play and be intrigued by it. You can play amongst others or by yourself. Also, you will be given points, where can redeem for prizes! (Everybody likes prizes).


If you’re a fan of basketball, football, hockey, baseball,  and soccer, this app is for you! Here’s the intro video so you can get an idea of what it’s about.

Personally, I’m excited to play it this week. I love sports and I play games on a daily basis so this is like an early Christmas present to me. Hopefully, some of you all will sign up so we can play against each other. If so, let me know what you’re user name is after the app is released and we can play!


NFL Week 9: Tips and Fantasy Picks



JGood (Green) 

13 New Orleans
12 Dallas
11 Kansas City
10 Seattle
9 Minnesota
8 Carolina
7 New York Giants
6 New York Jets
5 Indianapolis
4 San Diego
3 Baltimore
2 Oakland
1 Tampa Bay

D.Reed (Blue)

13 Dallas
12 Kansas City
11 Green Bay
10 Seattle
9 Carolina
8 New York Jets
7 Atlanta
6 San Diego
5 Minnesota
4 Miami
3 New York Giants
2 Denver
1 Pittsburgh

Week 8 Points and Results
JGood: 68 pts (9-3) record; Overall: 543 pts (62-56)
D.Reed: 61 pts (9-3) record;  Overall: 594 pts (70-47)

HOT OR NOT 🔥❄️ (D.Reed)

What’s Hot🔥
Dak Prescott (Dallas @ Cleveland)
What’s not to love about Prescott’s week 9 matchup against a winless Cleveland Browns team!? Dallas is one of the hottest teams in the league right now, and Prescott is a huge part of their success!! Prescott is coming off of a huge game against a very tough Philadelphia Eagle defense scoring 27 pts!!! If Prescott had that great of a game against one of the better defenses in the league, what do you think he’ll do to one of the worst!!! Start the rookie of the year candidate with confidence!!!

Philip Rivers (Tennessee @ San Diego)
For three weeks in a row, the Tennessee Titans defense has allowed at least 25 pts to opposing quarterbacks which bode well for a struggling Philip Rivers. Over the last 3 games, Rivers is averaging only 13 pts, but he has faced a brutal Denver defense in two of the last 3. Bottom line is that Philip Rivers is due for a productive outing, and I expect for Rivers to bounce back in this one.

Charcandrick West (Jacksonville @ Kansas City)
Charcandrick West is expected to start with Spencer Ware going through concussion protocol. In a week where a total of 6 teams are on bye, West makes a great waiver wire option and should be inserted as a fine RB2 option. With Alex Smith also out and Kansas City not wanting to rely heavily on backup Nick Foles, I expect West will receive a heavy workload and turn that workload into a very solid fantasy outing in week 9!!! Pick West up and get him into your lineups immediately!!!

Jonathan Stewart (Carolina @ Los Angeles)
Ever since Stewart has returned from injury, he’s been scorching hot, scoring 4 TDs in his last two starts!!! Carolina has been a better team with “J-Stew” in the lineup as Carolina gained a much-needed boost in the rushing department!! I expect that Stewart will be used heavily in attempt to keep QB Cam Newton upright and injury free!!! Newton is known to steal goal line carries from Stewart in the past, but with Carolina wanting to minimize the hits on Cam, I expect Stewart will handle majority of the touches up close and turn them into scores!!!

Davante Adams (Indianapolis @ Green Bay)
With Randall Cobb sidelined due to injury last week, Davante Adams stepped in and made the best of his opportunity, reeling in 12 catches on 14 targets for 73 yards. In the past two weeks, Adams has been targeted a whopping 30 times, turning that into 25 catches, 206 yards, and two scores!!! Adams has a great week 9 matchup against a poor Colts secondary that was gashed by the Chiefs last Sunday. With his recently gained rapport with QB Aaron Rodgers, I believe that Adams is in for another solid outing!!!

Dez Bryant (Dallas @ Cleveland)
He’s baaaack!! Dez Bryant wasted no time knocking the rust off from his 3 game absence, catching four passes for 114 yards and a score on whopping 14 targets!!! I like Bryant to continue his hot production against the winless Cleveland Browns. This is the matchup that fantasy owners dream of, and I believe that Bryant won’t disappoint. I’m sure that Bryant will have no problem posting top 5 WR numbers this week!!!

Kyle Rudolph (Detroit @ Minnesota)
Kyle Rudolph has been pretty inconsistent this year but so has the entire Vikings offense. Even with Rudolph’s inconsistency, I love this weeks matchup against a Detroit defense who’s allowed 8 TDs total and the most points to TEs this season!!! With Rudolph being one of the better options in the passing game and a big red zone target, I expect that Rudolph will put together a very respectable stat line.

Kansas City (vs Jacksonville)
Kansas City has been one of the hotter defenses in the league, scoring double-digit fantasy points in each of the last 3 games. With the turnover prone Jacksonville Jags coming to town, I like that trend to continue. It’s always very difficult to play in Arrowhead Stadium, let alone win there, and I expect for Marcus Peters and company to be too much for the Jags to overcome!!

What’s Not❄
Blake Bortles (Jacksonville @ Kansas City)
The Jacksonville Jaguars has been one of the biggest fantasy disappointments of the season, and Blake Bortles has been the main contributor to that disappointment. Bortles is coming off of a very solid performance at Tennessee throwing for 337 yds and 3 scores, but a huge chunk of his production came during “garbage time.” I don’t trust Bortles this week in such a hostile environment at Arrowhead Stadium. If you can help it, leave Bortles riding the pine this week.

Latavius Murray (Denver @ Oakland)
Take away Murray’s TDs on the year and he’s fantasy irrelevant. It seems as if Murray’s success depends solely on his ability to find paydirt. It looks as if the Oakland offense is shifting towards being a pass first offense with Derek Carr passing the ball early and often, and that could cut into Murrays production!!! To make matters worse, Murray has a tough week 9 divisional matchup against the Denver Broncos!! Although I like Murrays chances on the goal line, I would still temper expectations for Murray until he proves himself to be more than TD dependent back!!!

Marvin Jones (Detroit @ Minnesota)
Marvin Jones has been a fantasy diamond in the rough for the first few games of the season, but as of late, he’s seen a recent dip in production. Jones has been dealing with a foot injury which may have been the root of his unsatisfactory production. This week, Jones has a matchup against a pesky Vikings defense that has done a great job of shutting down opposing WRs!! The ceiling appears to be low for Marvin Jones this week!!!

Julius Thomas (Jacksonville @ Kansas City)
The Jacksonville Jaguars offense is a mess, and Thomas has been ineffective in the passing attack. Jackson has scored in back to back games, but he’s caught no more than three passes in four consecutive starts. The Chiefs have allowed only one TD to opposing TEs all season and no one has more than 44 yards receiving yards. I expect Jacksonville to be down early in this one, therefore, I can only see Thomas finding paydirt in garbage time.

Tennessee (@ San Diego)
Titans defense was a huge dissapointment in week 8 against Jacksonville with no INTS and just two sacks, and only scored 6 points last week in a game in which they let get out of hand late. As long as the Chargers can limit turnovers and sacks, I expect another subpar performance for the Titans defense!! Avoid the Titans D/ST this week if possible!!!

D.Reed @freshprynce23 (Twitter and Instagram)
JGood @jgoodwithsports (Twitter and Instagram)

NFL Midseason Awards

Here we are at the halfway point of the NFL season, and we’ve witnessed some unbelievable things. Between games resulting in a tie for the past 2 consecutive weeks (possibly a 3rd coming up), Julio Jones 300-yard game against the Carolina Panthers in week 4, Jay Ajayi’s back to back 200 rushing yard games, and the Cleveland Browns being winless, this season has shaped up to be an entertaining one thus far. With that being said, here are our midseason awards picks.


Image result for derek carr vs tampa bay

Derek Carr, QB (Oakland Raiders)
Matt Ryan has the stats to be MVP this year (2,636 yards passing, 19 touchdowns and 4 interceptions), and you can even make an argument for Tom Brady, even though he missed the first four games of the season. I’m going with Derek Carr. The Oakland Raiders are 6-2 this season (yes, that is correct) with them being 5-0 being away from home and tied for the division lead. He’s thrown for 2,321 yards, 17 touchdowns, just 3 interceptions, and a passer rating of 100.9. Carr is on a career high pace with all categories that were mentioned. Most importantly, the Raiders are relevant again (for now).

D.Reed’s Pick: Matt Ryan

Offensive Rookie

Image result for dak prescott ezekiel elliott

“Dak Elliott” Dak Prescott, QB & Ezekiel Elliott, RB (Dallas Cowboys)
Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott has been sensational for the Dallas Cowboys this season. In the absence of Tony Romo, Prescott has thrown for 1,773 yards, 9 touchdowns, and only 2 interceptions. He holds the record for most passes without an interception to start an NFL career with 163 attempts. Ezekiel Elliott has filled the void of the running back whole for the Cowboys due to the departure of Demarco Murray in 2014. Elliott leads all of the NFL in rushing with 799 yards, averaging 5.0 yards per carry. This dynamic duo has proven to be a force to reckon with, not only in the NFC East, but in the NFL as well with a record of 6-1.

D.Reed’s Pick: Dak Prescott

Defensive Rookie

Image result for joey bosa vs broncos

Joey Bosa, DE (San Diego Chargers)
Bosa didn’t play until October because of contract negotiations that dragged out into the regular season. In the four games that Bosa has played in, he has recorded 13 tackles, including 4 sacks. He is turning out the be the pass rusher that the Chargers has desperately needed since the Shawne Merriman era.

D.Reed’s Pick: Joey Bosa

Offensive Player

Image result for julio jones 300 yard game

Julio Jones, WR (Atlanta Falcons)
There are a few plays you can make a case for this award including Matt Ryan, Demarco Murray, Ezekiel Elliott, and A.J. Green, but Julio Jones has been special. Arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL, Jones has 43 receptions for 859 yards (20.0 yards per catch) and 4 touchdowns thus far. His defining moment came in week 4 where he caught 12 balls for 300 yards and a touchdown against Carolina. That game cost former Carolina Panthers cornerback Bene Benwikere his job.

D.Reed’s Pick: Julio Jones

Defensive Player

Image result for zach brown buffalo bills new england

Zach Brown, LB (Buffalo Bills)
Rex Ryan is known for his defensive coaching, and Zach Brown has been a key component to their success this year. Brown leads the NFL with 87 tackles (59 solo tackles), which includes 3 sacks. If their offense can get healthy, this team can sneak up for a possible wild card berth down the line.

D.Reed’s Pick: Marcus Peters

Comeback Player

Image result for jordy nelson green bay vikings

Jordy Nelson, WR (Green Bay Packers)
Jordy Nelson missed all of the 2015 season with a torn ACL. He’s not quite the explosive wide receiver we are used to seeing back in 2014 just yet. So far he has 31 catches for 415 yards and 6 touchdowns. The Packers offense struggled last season without the deep threat of Jordy Nelson and has not been that much better this season. However, it’s only a matter of time before Nelson turns the corner to become an elite WR again.

D.Reed’s Pick: Jordy Nelson


Image result for jason garrett

Jason Garrett (Dallas Cowboys)
The Dallas Cowboys are without Tony Romo. They have been without Dez Bryant for a period of time during this season. They have rookies starting at quarterback and running back. Somehow, they are 6-1 on the season. This team has played mistake-free football while winning close games (games there were prone to losing last season). What a difference a few injuries and a couple of rookies make, huh?

D.Reed’s Pick: Jason Garrett

“The Answer” The Media Didn’t Want


First things first: Check out Allen Iverson: The Answer Documentary (Full)

After Michael Jordan retired, Allen Iverson was the next NBA superstar to revolutionized the NBA (Sorry Kobe but Allen qualifies a little more for this category and here’s a video to go along with my claim Allen Iverson vs Michael Jordan: Who Impacted NBA Players More?). Iverson finished what the “Fab Five” started back in the early 90’s with college basketball: solidify the hip hop culture in the league. Everywhere you looked, Iverson’s influence was magnified. Kids in the neighborhood parks wore cornrows, oversized t-shirts, baggy shorts or jeans, and had Allen Iverson branded Reebok’s on their feet playing ball. Everyone tried to imitate his signature crossover that’s known worldwide. Before the NBA changed their dress code, Iverson would show up to games with baggy jeans, a throwback NBA jersey, a durag, and a headband. He would dress just like anybody you would see in the inner city. I didn’t get new shoes too often growing up, but I did own a pair of Iverson’s.


A.I. never backed down to anybody or anything no matter how big or tough the opponent or obstacle. He has played through every injury you could possibly play through and has probably hit the floor more than anybody else to ever play the game (including floppers now and days). People, including LeBron James, have called him “pound for pound” the greatest player of all-time. What separated Iverson from the rest and made him so special was his heart and his determination. He grew up in an unhealthy environment, something I can relate to. An area that’s filled negative energy, hatred, limited resources, and crime, Iverson barely made it out. Even though the was the star quarterback (also played running back, defensive back, and kick returner) for his high school as well as a basketball prodigy, trouble did follow. Him and some of his friends were arrested for fight that broke out in a bowling alley. Iverson,  allegedly, threw a chair in hit a young lady in the back of her head. He claimed he had already left the altercation when it first happened. Even though he was 17, he was tired as an adult and spent 4 months in prison. He was facing double-digit years, but the case was dismissed.  Iverson was allowed to finish his senior year at an alternative high school (no sports). Fortunately, Georgetown University’s coach John Thompson offered him a full scholarship to play basketball. Iverson won Big East Rookie of the Year and took the Hoyas to the elite 8 in his sophomore season. He’s has the all time leading scoring average for Georgetown at 22.9 points per game.



Allen Iverson was selected by the Philadelphia 76’ers as the number one overall pick in the 1996 NBA Draft Class. Iverson exploded in the scene,  winning rookie of the year in arguably the deepest draft class of all time (Bryant, Nash, Allen, Marbury, Camby). He averaged 23.5 ppg, 7.5 apg, and 2.1 spg. The 76’ers only won 22 games that season, but they continued to grow along with Iverson. Iverson made his first playoff appearance as the 6th seed in the 1998-99 shortened season again Orlando. They were put out in the second round by Indiana. His most prominent season came in 2000-01 where his team was the best in the conference, he won the league MVP, scoring title (31.1 ppg), steals title (2.5 spg), and went to the NBA Finals.





Allen Iverson had one the most prolific NBA Finals performances in game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals. He dropped 48 points in an overtime victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. It was the only loss the Lakers suffered that post season. He also displayed the infamous step-over on Tyronn Lue. If you need a refresher or just want to enjoy the highlights of game on, here it is below:

Allen Iverson 48 pts 2001 GM1 NBA Finals




Allen Iverson’s performances matched his heart and courage. He defied the odds and made everybody a believer. Iverson also stayed true to himself, even in front of the media. He always spoke what was on his mind and never backed down to anybody discouraging him. Do you remember how Iverson was portrayed for his practice rant? The NBA never liked the way he represented the league. He wasn’t as charismatic as Magic Johnson, wasn’t as clean as Michael, and was on the other side of the world compared to Larry Bird. The NBA was known for keeping their brand “clean”, but Iverson was far from that image with his tattoos and demeanor… and the NBA was stuck with him for the majority of his career.


Allen Iverson was basically “blackballed” out the league by the media and the NBA executives. Granted they made a lot of money off of Iverson’s image to the public eye. From 2000 to about 2007, other athletes, entertainers, and fans would wear baggy clothes, tall t-shirts, jerseys, and anything that attached itself to the NBA. They were waiting for the day that Iverson would slip up to bury him. After being traded to the Denver Nuggets in 2006, his label of being the “poster child” for the NBA started to deteriorate. Eventually, he would bounce around from team to team (Detroit, back to Philly, Memphis). In 2010, Allen Iverson signed with Beşiktaş, a team in the Turkish Basketball League. He only played 10 games, but he was beloved in Turkey. No teams in the NBA wanted to sign Iverson because he was “cancerous”, “not a team player”, “wouldn’t come off the bench”, or “wasn’t coachable”. Those were the images that the media created of Iverson. We all know that Iverson had some issues off the court, and he did say at one point that he said he shouldn’t come off the bench. Eventually, he retracted that statement and matured. Iverson was willing to do whatever it takes to win a championship, and no NBA was going to give him an opportunity. How you could you say that a 11-time all-star, who won a league MVP, 4 scoring titles, 3-time steals leader, and played courageous his whole career can’t be an asset to a team making a run for an NBA title?


A few days ago, the NBA announced that Allen Iverson would be eligible for the Hall Of Fame in 2016. In many people’s eyes, he is a no question first ballot hall of famer. His numbers and legacy speak for itself. The only thing that worries me is the members of the media will feel the same way… the ones that has the power to vote him in. The same people that pushed him out the league are the same ones who has the power to neglect him from something he should achieve with no problem. This could be the final obstacle to torment Iverson if they choose to do so. A.I. deserves this honor as a first ballot hall of famer with Larry Brown introducing him. I’m proud to have grown up in an era that showcased a player that never backed down from a challenge… and stayed true to himself. The media may remember him as someone who is all about Iverson. I’ll always remember him for someone who knocked down every obstacle that was in his way… to every problem… there was “The Answer”.