Hall Of Fame Debate: Andre Johnson

From the 1990’s to the mid 2000’s, “The U” (University of Miami) has produced NFL stars that have turned out to be present and future Pro Football Hall Of Famers. This list includes Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, and Devin Hester. Another player that can potentially join that list is Andre Johnson.

The 3rd overall pick in the 2003 NFL Draft finished his career with 1,062 receptions (11th all-time), 14,185 receiving yards (10th all-time), and 70 receiving touchdowns. Johnson was a 7-time Pro Bowler, 2-time first team All-Pro, 2-time second team All-Pro, 3-time Wide Receiver of the year, led the league in receiving yards twice and holds just about every Houston Texans’ franchise records. He spent his first 12 seasons with the Houston Texans. Johnson spent 2015 with the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennesse Titans in 2016.

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Even though his most memorable moment was probably the fight with Cortland Finnegan in 2010 (he had it coming), Andre Johnson has been a true professional on and off the field. His foundation, the Andre Johnson Charitable Foundation, has provided kids with toys in the Houston community for years.

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When it’s all said and done, I believe Andre Johnson should be in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame one day. I don’t think he’s a “first-ballot” caliber player, but he definitely deserves a spot in Canton. He has always been consistent and underrated over his established career. The best quarterback that he’s ever played with was Matt Schaub (that’s not saying a lot). The Houston Texans may have not gotten over the hump during his tenure, but Johnson has always come to play every game.

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Week 7: What Did We Learn?

Week 7 is over with and we’ve seen quite a bit. We saw Tom Brady play an incredible game against a resentful Jets defense. We witnessed Matt Ryan to become the 5th fastest quarterback to reach 30,000 passing yards in NFL history. Also, I’m still trying to figure out which is the worst team in the NFL between Houston, Baltimore, and Detroit. But… what else did we learn?

The Real Miami Dolphins?
Ever since the Miami Dolphins fired their coach Joe Philbin and was replaced with interim head coach Dan Campbell, they have played like the team that quite a few people thought they could play like, including myself. Lamar Miller is running the ball with authority, Ryan Tannehill looks like the leader that the organization has invested in, and the defense has finally come to life. The Dolphins scored 41 points before halftime against the Houston Texans this past Sunday. We are really going to see how legitimate they are when they travel to New England on Thursday. If they somehow sneak away with a victory, this turnaround shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Ravens Aren’t Good Enough
Besides winning an improbable game against Pittsburgh, the Baltimore Ravens have looked helpless even though their efforts weren’t subpar. The fact of the matter is that the Ravens just aren’t talented enough. Their defense pedigree is a thing of the past. Even though their offense line has been struggling, Justin Forsett is a 2nd tier running back at best. Outside of Steve Smith Sr., Joe Flacco’s weapons are as real as the Easter Bunny. It’s about that time to officially rebuild while they still have movable pieces. Steve Smith Sr. has said he’ll quit if he gets traded, but I seriously believe that in the Carolina Panthers start making phone calls, he’ll be okay with returning to his home away from home. Baltimore is nowhere the same team as it was when the won the Super Bowl a few years ago. It’s time to start from scratch.

Open Season in the AFC South
Never really thought I would even have to mention open season and the AFC South in the same sentence. This division is usually the Indianapolis Colts to lose and lose hard. Shockingly, that’s what’s happening. I picked this team to go to the Super Bowl, and they have looked anything but super. It’s inexcusable that their record is below 500 after 7 games. Fortunately for them, Tennessee has a rookie quarterback who’s going through the motions, Jacksonville is still figuring out their potential, and Houston is looking like an NFL Europe team (Throwback!). They still have time to turn it around but c’mon man!

Is Arian Foster Done?
The most unfortunate news of the weekend was Arian Foster’s leg injury. The doctors have confirmed that he has torn his Achilles and will miss the remaining of the 2015 season. Arian Foster has missed a number of games due to injury over the past 5 seasons including a herniated disc in 2013 and chronic hamstring injuries. Along with J.J. Watt, Foster is the centerpiece of the franchise and the engine on offense. Without him, the team struggles and struggles significantly. With that being said, Will Arian ever be the same explosive player again? I pray he has a speedy and successful recovering and can play like the Arian Foster that we know, but it’s unknown if he can return to that stature.

NBA Preview Part 5: Southeast Division

                                                   Southeast Division

Atlanta Hawks
Key Additions: Tiago Splitter, Tim Hardaway Jr., Justin Holiday, Walter Tavares
Key Subtractions: DeMarre Carroll, Pero Antic, Elton Brand, John Jenkins
Outlook: Winning their division title in 21 years, the Atlanta Hawks are ready to defend their crown. The team overachieved last year because they have a solid foundation. “Star power” usually carries a team to the Finals. This didn’t have a bonafide superstar, but had underrated players that teams took for granted. DeMarre Carroll was a big loss for them. He wasn’t their best player, but he was the glue guy (Exhibit A: Eastern Conference Finals after he got hurt). Adding Tiago Splitter and Tim Hardaway Jr. gives Atlanta some much-needed depth. They managed to keep Paul Millsap in the “final hour” during free agency (Almost joined the Orlando Magic). I expect them to have a decent chance of winning their division again.

Charlotte Hornets
Key Additions: Nicolas Batum, Jeremy Lin, Frank Kaminsky, Spencer Hawes, Tyler Hansbrough
Key Subtractions: Noah Vonleh, Gerald Henderson, Lance Stephenson, Mo Williams, Bismack Biyombo
Outlook: The Charlotte Hornets are talented enough to make the playoffs. Al Jefferson gives opponent’s problems on a nightly basis. Kemba Walker and newly acquired Nicolas Batum are underrated. I’m still trying to figure out Frank Kaminsky, but I’m sure he’s better than Kwame Brown. Jeremy Lin comes in with a chip on his shoulder. Everybody remembers him for his 15 seconds of fame (Linsanity). I’m sure he wants to change that perception.  Also, this team has quite a few young players that plays with a lot of energy. That means, they have the opportunity to steal some games that they shouldn’t win. If the chemistry is right, they should in the playoff hunt.

Miami Heat
Key Additions: Justice Winslow, Gerald Green, Amar’e Stoudemire
Key Subtractions: Shabazz Napier, Michael Beasley
Outlook: In my opinion, this is the one team that could prevent LeBron from reaching his 6th straight NBA Finals appearance besides the Chicago Bulls. They arguably have one of the best starting lineups in the league. Justice Winslow was a steal. They got Stoudemire and Green at a bargain price. Most importantly, Chris Bosh is back. Ultimately, this team is going as far as Dywane Wade carries them. The chronic knee and miscellaneous injuries will play a key role in how this team performs. Also, Pat Riley and the Miami Heat WANTS to be LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. This team may win the division, but if they don’t, good luck trying to put them out in the playoffs (with a healthy D.Wade if course).

Orlando Magic
Key Additions: Mario Hezonja, C.J. Watson, Shabazz Napier
Key Subtractions: Kyle O’Quinn, Maurice Harkless, Willie Green
Outlook: I really like their rookie Mario Hezonja. His attitude alone makes me think that the Orlando Magic will be alright in a few years. This team is young, athletic, and will be fun to watch on the fastbreak. They almost added Paul Millsap until he returned to the Atlanta Hawks in the final hour (that would’ve been big). Their offense in the half court will continue to struggle until a post presence is acquired. Tobias Harris and Victor Oladipo will have to take their game to the next level if the Magic wants to make their first playoff appearance in the “Post-Dwight Howard” era.

Washington Wizards
Key Additions: Gary Neal, Jared Dudley, Kelly Oubre Jr.
Key Subtractions: Paul Pierce, Kevin Seraphin, Rasual Butler
Outlook: I am a fan of their back court. When Bradley Beal isn’t off and John Wall is not turning over the ball, this team can give any teams headaches. Otto Porter showed signs of real potential during the final few months of the Wizards season last year. Adding Gary Neal was an underrated move because they finally have a guard that can shoot off the bench. In my eyes, losing Paul Pierce was significant. Not only he can still score around 15 points a game, he brought mental toughness, crunch time abilities, and championship experience to a young core. Only time will tell if “The Truth” rubbed off on the rest of the team. If not, I don’t expect a real title run.

NFL Week 4: What Did We Learn?

Week 4 was an interesting week for the league even without New England playing. Chicago got their first win (Go Bears!), Drew Brees broke the Dallas Cowboys hearts in overtime, and Seattle’s win came down to a controversial call. What else did we learn from week 4?

Dolphins Drowning
If you watched that game that was shown from the other side of the world, you would’ve seen just how dominant the New York Jets was against the Miami Dolphins. Miami’s running game was nonexistent, Ryan Tannehill looked frantic, that supposed-to-be amazing front four was just as noticeable as the oxygen we breathe, and NOBODY could guard Brandon Marshall. Even before this abomination, the Dolphins were struggling. Their only win came in week 1 against the Washington Redskins. They came from behind to pull that win out. Outside of Jarvis Landry, the offense looks as stable as a wooden bridge in the Indiana Jones movies. Their coach, Joe Philbin, was fired this morning.  There are rumors that Tannehill was belittle practice squad players and that the coach told the defense to not play hard to get Tannehill’s confidence higher. Not to mention they paid a boat load of money to Suh, and the Dolphins defense had only one sack entering Sunday’s game. More changes might be on the rise in South Beach.


Gurley Was Worth The Wait
When the St. Louis Rams drafted Todd Gurley in the first round back in May, they knew they would have to wait a little longer to get production from the rookie. Gurley tore his ACL in his final year at Georgia. He debuted week 3 against the Pittsburgh Steelers but didn’t play much. This past week against the Arizona Cardinals, his numbered was called and he delivered in the 4th quarter tallying up 106 yards; 146 yards off 19 carries for the game. The Rams haven’t had a relevant running back since Stephen Jackson and haven’t had a premier back since Marshall Faulk. If the rookie keeps this up things can look brighter in the “show me” state.


Time To KaePANIC
Things haven’t been the same for Colin Kaepernick ever since the Super bowl appearance against the Baltimore Ravens in 2012, the quarterback that had all the potential to be great has now raised significant red flags around his skill set. Kaepernick has regressed significantly as a passer. The average accuracy has diminished. His passes are equivalent to Aroldis Chapman’s fastball with 0 touch. He’s basically a one-trick pony these days, leading lackluster offense. Even though he signed a huge contract extension not too long ago, I’m not sure how much longer of a future Colin has in the Bay Area.


Teams Remain Undefeated
We have 6 undefeated teams left in the NFL (Bengals, Broncos, Falcons, Packers, Panthers, Patriots). ESPN said the odds of a team going 16-0 are at 2.8%, and that the Atlanta Falcons has the best chance of accomplishing that. I seriously doubt that will happen with that suspect defense, however it is fun to think about. Carolina has the worst offense on this list but their defense is rock solid. New England is on another level but their difficult schedule says they will slip up and that goes for Denver as well. Green Bay is definitely Aaron Rodgers or bust. The same can be said about Cincy with Andy Dalton. We’ll see whose the last team standing soon enough though.