Tourney Contest 2018

We’re already in March, but it feels like the new year just started. Now that we’re past the Super Bowl, NBA All-Star Weekend, GRAMMY Awards, and the Oscars, we can turn our attention to March Madness. Last year, I gave away multiple prizes. This year, it will be at least a $25 Amazon Gift Card and the possibility of more prizes is legit so stay tuned! Make sure you slam dunk your entry into the contest like Jordan Davis from North Colorado did to lock his team into the tournament:

Here are the rules:

  • I will create a private group on ESPN once the bracket entries are open.
  • One entry per person.
  • You have to be a follower. If you’re NOT a blogger, CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE or scroll below. (make sure you check your email to verify the subscription).
  • Once you become a follower, send me an email with the subject “March Madness” at with your name. Once I receive your email, I will send you an invite to fill out your bracket.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or send me an email.

Good luck!


Fantasy Football Championship Week Edition: NFL Week 16



JGood (Green) 

16 New England
15 San Diego
14 Houston
13 Pittsburgh
12 Tennessee
11 Green Bay
10 New York Giants
9 Kansas City
8 Oakland
7 Buffalo
6 New Orleans
5 Seattle
4 Cowboys
3 Los Angeles
2 Atlanta
1 Chicago

D.Reed (Blue)

16 New England
15 Green Bay
14 Tennessee
13 New York Giants
12 Pittsburgh
11 San Diego
10 Cowboys
9 Kansas City
8 Washington
7 Oakland
6 Seattle
5 Miami
4 Los Angeles
3 Atlanta
2 New Orleans
1 Cincinnati

Championship Showdown (JGood)

Coincidentally in the week where the majority of fantasy football championships are taking place, I (Nino Brown) am going against D.Reed (Every Villian Is Lemons) in our league that we’ve been apart of since 2011. This is a chalk matchup of the first and second seed going at it. D.Reed is making his 4th consecutive finals appearance. Two years ago, we battled for the championship, but I came up short. I’ve been looking forward to this matchup since then. Good luck my friend.


HOT OR NOT 🔥❄️ (D.Reed)

What’s Hot🔥


Philip Rivers (San Diego @ Cleveland)
Philip Rivers is coming off a sub-par performance last week against Oakland throwing for 206 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT!! Rivers owners should rejoice because he has a week 16 matchup against the winless Cleveland Browns!!! The Browns have allowed the most touchdown passes to opposing QBs with 31!! Rivers is a safe bet at the QB1 position for championship week!!!

Derek Carr (Indianapolis @ Oakland)
Derek Carr has been downright awful as of late scoring a combined 14 points the past two weeks. This week, Carr and company play host to the Indianapolis Colts and their porous secondary!!! The Colts D surrendered 23 passing touchdowns with an average of 18 fantasy points a game to opposing signal callers!! Carr looks to be in for a “redemption week.”

Todd Gurley (San Francisco @ Los Angeles)
Wait a second, is Todd Gurley on the hot list??!!! I know, I know…Gurley has been the ultimate fantasy “bust” this year, but before you disagree with the decision, just hear me out. The 49’ers are giving up an absurd average of 26 points per game to opposing RBs!!! Both teams in this matchup have problems moving the ball, therefore, I expect for it to be a close one with Gurley racking up a solid chunk of yardage!! All signs point to a productive outing for Gurley, and he is sure to find pay dirt in this one!!!

Bilal Powell (New York Jets @ New England)
Bilal Powell has been smoking hot over the past two weeks!! Powell was inserted into the starting lineup due to Matt Forte’s lingering knee injury!! It seems as if there is a new sheriff in the Jets’ backfield as Powell out-snapped Forte 137 to 19 the last two weeks!! While being heavily involved in both passing and running game, I love Powell’s upside this week, especially in PPR format!!!

Julian Edelman (New York Jets @ New England)
I love Julian Edelman this week simply because of volume!!! Edelman has been targeted a whopping 50 times over the past 4 weeks!! With Rob Gronkowski out for the season, Julian Edelman has become Tom Brady’s “security blanket.” I expect Brady to look Edelman’s way early and often in this one!! Whether standard or PPR, I love Edelman as a solid WR1 this week!!

Michael Crabtree (Indianapolis @ Oakland)
Michael Crabtree is coming off a solid performance against the San Diego Chargers, catching 6 balls for 60 yards and a score!! Crabtree has a week 16 matchup against a beatable Colts secondary. Crabtree has been one of the most consistent WRs this year and still delivers even while playing alongside second-year standout, Amari Cooper. Crabtree makes a fine low-end WR1/high-end WR2 this week!!!

Greg Olsen (Atlanta @ Carolina)
Over the past 2 weeks, Olsen is starting to warm up with 10 receptions for 172 yards! Although Olsen hasn’t found paydirt since week 9, I love Olsen and his week 16 matchup against the Atlanta Falcons!!! In Olsen’s week 4 meeting with Atlanta, he caught 6 passes for 76 yards and a score, therefore, I expect Olsen to find a way to duplicate his week 4 success and break his 6-week scoring drought!!

New England (vs New York Jets)
The New England Patriots defense has been on a roll as of late, scoring double-digit points in 2 of their last 3 games!!! With inexperienced QB Bryce Petty coming to town, I see plenty of turnover opportunities in the works!!! New England makes for a top-tier defense this week which such a tasty matchup on the horizon!!
What’s Not❄


Carson Wentz (Philadelphia @ New York Giants)
The Carson Wentz show was here today and gone tomorrow! I have no doubt that Wentz will be a great talent in the years to come, but the future won’t win your fantasy championship this week!!! You can’t afford many mistakes at any position so don’t get cute. Just stick with the sure thing and Wentz isn’t it!!!

Matt Forte (New York Jets @ New England)
Matt Forte’s days may be numbered as the primary ball carrier in the Jets’ backfield! It seems as if Bilal Powell has all but relieved Forte of his backfield duties in both the passing and running game!! Over the past few weeks in Forte’s absence, Powell performed beautifully and with Powell’s recent emergence of “top dog” status, it would be wise to look elsewhere at the RB position!!

Brandon Marshall (New York Jets @ New England)
Brandon Marshall has been a huge fantasy disappointment this season!!! Marshall’s poor play is due in part to the inconsistency at the QB position with both Bryce Petty and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yes, Marshall is a big name, but that doesn’t mean he deserves a spot in your lineup!! With the lack of consistent play at the QB position in New York, Marshall should remain on the bench if you want to keep your title shot intact!!!

Dwayne Allen (Indianapolis @ Oakland)
The only problem I have with this matchup is that there is no consistency at the TE position on the Colts’ roster!! Jack Doyle, Erik Swoope, and Dwayne Allen all get targeted in the passing game (with Doyle leading the pack as of late) and now is not the week to play TE musical chairs!! During championship week you always wanna go with the sure thing but there is no such thing at TE on the Colts as of right now!!! Stay away!!!

Indianapolis (@ Oakland)
The Colts defense put out a stellar performance against the Vikings last week scoring an uncharacteristic 18 points!!! The Colts week 15 defensive performance will be short lived as they travel to Oakland to take on Derek Carr and their high scoring offense!!! Opposing defenses has averaged 3 points per game when facing Oakland!! Don’t even think twice about benching them in this one!!!

D.Reed @freshprynce23 (Twitter and Instagram)
JGood @jgoodwithsports (Twitter and Instagram)

Ball Is Life: Circle Of Men Athletics

If you ever lived in Northwest Indiana and have been involved in sports, you will know that this area is called “The Region”. The Region has produced many pro and collegiate athletes in different sports over the past few decades like former MLB center fielder Kenny Lofton (East Chicago, IN). He was a 6x all-star and a 4x gold glove winner. Another is current Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Kawaan Short (East Chicago, IN). In 2015, he was named to the Pro Bowl and was second-team All-Pro.

However, Indiana is known as the Hoosier State. There’s been plenty of successful basketball outcomes from The Region like Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson (Gary, IN), who happens to be an alum from my high school, Roosevelt, in Gary. Robinson was the number 1 overall pick in the 1994 NBA Draft (to the Milwaukee Bucks). He averaged over 20 ppg for his career, was a 2x all-star, and won a championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2005. Over the past 10 years, more players have been exposed to the NBA like Glenn Robinson III (Gary, IN, and currently with the Indiana Pacers), E’Twaun Moore (East Chicago, IN, and currently with the New Orleans Pelicans), Robbie Hummel (Valparaiso, IN), Branden Dawson (Gary, IN), and Mitch McGary (Chesterton, IN).

We even have athletes now that are already in division 1 or division 1-bound. Charles Cooper, a senior guard at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, helped the Phoenix during the 2015-16 season reach the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 1996. Dana Evans, senior guard at Gary West Side High School, is currently ranked #3 at the point guard, and #7 overall for the 2017 class by ESPN. She has committed to Louisville.

Dana Evans

My friend Leroy Cooper, who is also a part of our basketball network and former intramural basketball teammate, is the co-founder (along with Mr. Daniel Baker) of Circle of Men Athletics (COMA; @Circle_of_Men) . Every since I met Leroy, he has always been the type to lead and show support for others.


COMA is an organization in Gary Indiana focused on the development of inner city athletes on and off the court…1 Corinthians 9:24-27.

Leroy, who played his last two years of college basketball and spend the following year as assistant head coach at formerly Purdue University Calumet (now Purdue University Northwest), wants help student-athletes on and off the court.

The purpose is to instill life beyond talent for inner city athletes…provide mentorship, training, life skills and exposure to guys with athletic abilities.

In this day and age where violence seems to be at an all-time high (especially the way the city of Chicago is right now), it’s wonderful to know something like COMA is taking place within The Region. However, this organization has plans on spreading the helping hand.

Our vision is to take our not for profit worldwide and change the world through God’s anointing. Changing lives and giving people opportunities to advance through life is God’s kingdom on earth. Our staff is really passionate about our organization, and we have a great success rate so far. We started the organization in 2014 and have placed 78 guys in college on athletic scholarships. Our next showcase is April 22nd, 2017.

The more I looked into COMA, the more impressed I’ve become. This organization has the chance to become something iconic. Sending 78 young men to college in that short amount of time is the one thing that’s sticking out to me. I support anyone that’s trying to do something positive with the youth and the community. Leroy, continue striving for excellence with this program and don’t let any obstacle prevent you from your vision.



Ball Is Life: Windy City’s Spaniards

Last week, I mentioned that I was part of a basketball network at Purdue University Northwest. Apparently, some people within this unofficial fraternity has experienced some unbelievable moments and rare opportunities. A prime example of this is my good friend Angel Martin de Soto, who was the personal assistant of Chicago Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic. I’ve known Angel since 2011 when he first came to the United States from Spain.

He’s one of the best all-around basketball players I ever played with (intramural basketball teammates). From his home country of Spain, Angel has been playing basketball since the age of six. He has played with the youth teams of Unicaja Malaga, one of the Top 5 teams in Spain. Angel has also played 4 years semi-pro in the 3rd Division in Spain.

If you don’t know, Nikola Mirotic is from Spain as well. The 6 foot 10 inch forward was drafted by Houston Rockets with the 23rd overall pick in 2011, but his draft rights were ultimately traded to the Chicago Bulls. Mirotic stayed in Spain until 2014, where he and Real Madrid (basketball team in Spain) reached a buyout of his contract.

Image result for nikola mirotic

I’ve been a Bulls fan ever since I can remember. When Angel first told me about his unusual opportunity back in April of 2015, I was stunned (I actually have that  conversation saved on Facebook).

The reason why I worked for him, it is because Nikola was looking for an assistant that help them with their daily basis in his freshman year. I have a really good relation with his agent and he called me to have a interview.

Even though this job was an experience of a lifetime, just like any job, it came with some hard work and some inconvenient duties.

Everyday was different. It was basically 24/7 on call for whatever they (him and his wife) might need. I usually help them with their personal documents, travel arrangements, game day assistance, like hosting the guests, get their tickets and passes. Also, few times we did some shooting practice in his days off.

On the positive side, just like any job, there are a few benefits that make it worth your time there.


Black Mamba warming up


The fact that both Angel and Nikola Mirotic are from Spain was probably the icing on the cake during their time together. To have someone with you from the same country when trying to adjust to another country’s culture makes the transition less hectic. Angel stopped working for Nikola Mirotic this past August to move back to Spain, but he has truly helped Mirotic adjust to the American culture. As long as Nikola Mirotic is a Chicago Bulls player, I will continue to cheer for him, especially knowing one of my friends has assisted him off the court.


FireFan App

FireFan is a new app that will allow you to play along with live sports on your mobile device. The app will be dropping this week, just in time for Thanksgiving when you’re stuck on the couch watching football because you’re too full to get up (We’ve all been there).

The app is FREE to download. You will need tokens to play. You can either watch a quick Ad to receive a token or spend money if you want to bypass the advertisement. However, if you CLICK HERE to preregister before the app releases, you’ll be awarded 12 Bonus Tokens using the promo code: JGOOD. This app is not considered gambling and is simple enough to where the average sports fan can play and be intrigued by it. You can play amongst others or by yourself. Also, you will be given points, where can redeem for prizes! (Everybody likes prizes).


If you’re a fan of basketball, football, hockey, baseball,  and soccer, this app is for you! Here’s the intro video so you can get an idea of what it’s about.

Personally, I’m excited to play it this week. I love sports and I play games on a daily basis so this is like an early Christmas present to me. Hopefully, some of you all will sign up so we can play against each other. If so, let me know what you’re user name is after the app is released and we can play!


NFL Week 10: Tips and Fantasy Picks



JGood (Green) 

14 Arizona
13 San Diego
12 Pittsburgh
11 New Orleans
10 New York Giants
9 Philadelphia
8 Carolina
7 Tennessee
6 New York Jets
5 Minnesota
4 Chicago
3 Baltimore
2 Jacksonville
1 Seattle

D.Reed (Blue)

14 Arizona
13 Green Bay
12 San Diego
11 Houston
10 Atlanta
9 Baltimore
8 Denver
7 New York Jets
6 Washington
5 Cincinnati
4 Tampa Bay
3 Carolina
2 New England
1 Pittsburgh

Week 9 Points and Results
JGood: 75 pts (10-3) record; Overall: 618 pts (72-59)
D.Reed: 64 pts (8-5) record;  Overall: 658 pts (78-52)

HOT OR NOT 🔥❄️ (D.Reed)

What’s Hot🔥
Ben Roethlisberger (Dallas @ Pittsburgh)
Roethlisberger played shaky in his first game back from injury against the Baltimore Ravens last week. “Big Ben” will be poised to get the Steelers offense rolling this week as they play host to a smoking hot Dallas Cowboys team. I expect for Roethlisberger to improve on his subpar performance from last week as he continues to get healthier. Roethlisberger has been a different animal at home, and it’ll be very difficult to bet against him there!!! Be sure to get “Big Ben” locked into your QB1 slot this week!!!
Carson Palmer (San Francisco @ Arizona)
Fresh off a bye week, Carson Palmer and company will be up against the dreadful secondary of the San Francisco 49ers who have surrendered multiple touchdowns to opposing QBs in all game but 1 this season!!! Before their week 9 bye, Palmer put up top notch numbers throwing for 363 yds and 3 scores and I foresee week 10 being another huge week for Palmer!!
Jonathan Stewart (Kansas City @ Carolina)
In three games since returning from injury, Stewart has averaged 3.8 yards per carry and has also averaged 20 touches per contest with four total TDs over that span!!! This week, “J-Stew” is back at home against the Kanas City Chiefs, who were ran all over by both Chris Ivory and T.J. Yeldon for a total of 172 yards rushing and one TD!!! I see a huge opportunity for Stewart to be a top 10 RB play this week!!!
Jordan Howard (Chicago @ Tampa Bay)
In Howard’s outing last week, he ran wild against a very tough Minnesota Vikings defense for 153 yards and a score!!! With Howard dominating the touches over his backfield mates KaDeem Carey and Jeremy Langford, he could be in for one stellar outing against a poor Tampa Bay run defense!!! If the cards are played properly, Howard could find paydirt twice before the day’s end!!!
Larry Fitzgerald (San Francisco @ Arizona)
Larry Fitzgerald was one of the hottest WRs at the beginning of the season, scoring 3 TDs in his first 2 games, but he has cooled off a bit since then. This week, I look for Fitzgerald to get back on track as he draws a matchup against a San Francisco defense that’s allowed 18 total passing touchdowns!! With injuries to Arizona’s receiving corp, Fitzgerald should be used heavily, especially in the red zone. I like “Fitz” to find the end zone this week!!!
Jordan Matthews (Atlanta @ Philadelphia)
I love Jordan Matthews for two reasons this week:  he is facing the Atlanta Falcons defense (who has allowed the second-most receiving TDs and the most receiving yards to opposing wideouts this season!!!) and the Eagles are going to have to score early and often to stay in the game against one of the leagues most potent offenses!! I see a land of opportunity for Matthews this week!!!
Antonio Gates (Miami @ San Diego)
It’s good to see that “Ol Reliable” is still getting the job done in the sunshine state. Antonio Gates just continues to produce, tallying 28 targets, 14 receptions and 146 yards for two scores over the last three games!!! Gates has seen a tremendous target boost with the last few games, especially in the red zone!!! At home against the Dolphins this week, it’s safe to lock in future Hall of Famer as your TE1!!!
Arizona (vs San Francisco)
Arizona is fresh off a bye week and hosts a very lackadaisical San Francisco 49ers team this week! I expect for Arizona to lead by a couple scores in this one, which would force San Fran to throw the ball often (resulting in multiple turnovers)!! This game is just what the doctor ordered for Arizona to get its inconsistent defense back on track!!! Expect a very solid stat line from the Arizona defense this week!!!

What’s Not❄
Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco @ Arizona)
Colin Kaepernick had an awesome fantasy outing last week against the Saints, throwing for nearly 400 yds (398 passing yards) and two scores!! In just about every fantasy format, “Kaep” was surprisingly labeled a stud for the week. Kaepernick’s solid outing may very well be short-lived because this week I would bench him against a Cardinals defense that is allowing an average of 200 yards passing and one TD a game to opposing quarterbacks!!
Christine Michael (Seattle @ New England)
Christine Michael was once a very reliable fantasy option, but it seems as if those days may be limited with C.J. Prosise cutting into his carries and Thomas Rawls nearing full strength. To make matters worse, Michael has a tough matchup on the road this week against the New England Patriots!! I’d keep Micheal on my bench this week until the Seattle backfield becomes less cloudy!!!
Brandin Cooks (Denver @ New Orleans)
Brandin Cooks has been a boom or bust this year and very touchdown dependent as well. Cooks has a week 10 matchup with one of the best secondaries, and the number one ranked defense against wideouts in the Denver Broncos!!! Denver is fresh off shutting down one of the best duos in Oaklands Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper!! I would temper my expectations for both Brandin Cooks and Micheal Thomas this week!!!
Julius Thomas (Houston @ Jacksonville) 
Thomas has become TD or bust as of late, and I expect him to have a subpar performance in his matchup with the Texans this week! If Thomas doesn’t score this week, you could be looking at about 3 points in standard scoring!!! With Blake Bortles playing so terribly, I would avoid Thomas in most league this week if I could help it!!!
Philadelphia (vs Atlanta)
If there was week to bench the third best defense in football, it’s Week 10!!! The Eagles are in line to face one of the most potent offenses out there in the Atlanta Falcons!!! Bench the Eagles D this week, and stream a team with an easier matchup!!! If Atlanta comes out with guns blazing, Philly could be in for a long day!!!

D.Reed @freshprynce23 (Twitter and Instagram)
JGood @jgoodwithsports (Twitter and Instagram)

You Know Why I’m Here


Those of you that know me know exactly why I am here and are probably wondering what took me so long… and for those of you who don’t know why I’m here, I’ll be glad to explain.

People usually remember their first day of school, first kiss, first time riding a bike and even their first love. Sports is my first love every since I can remember… watching Jordan and the 96 Bulls team or Kerry Wood 20 strikeouts in 98 or Slamming Sammy Sosa or even watching Brett Favre, Berry Sanders, and Randy Moss torch the Chicago Bears (sad times). My passion was inherited from my father. He was an advocate for the Bulls, Bears, and White Sox. In my eyes, sports are one of the few things on this world that bring people peace for a few seconds to a couple of hours. Whatever you’re stressing over or having conflicts with can be negated for those moments.

I just turned 27, working full time in downtown Chicago and also working part time at the fitness center of the University where I graduated from back in 2013. Besides watching or participating in sports, I’m usually on my xbox, watching Netflix, educating myself in some way, or doing something adventurous with my girlfriend (i.e. at Sky Zone).


Over the years, my knowledge for sports expanded like DLC for Call of Duty. After familiarizing my self with the history of basketball, football, and baseball, I welcomed hockey, soccer, NASCAR, and others. At this point, I’m pretty much well rounded with enough knowledge in each to be respectable.

My friends will tell you that ESPN is my favorite channel, website, brand and company. Working for ESPN has been a dream of mine since I was introduced to cable as a kid watching the late great Stuart Scott. I’ve always wanted to Stump the Schwab, report breaking news like Mark Stein and Adam Schefter, or just debate like Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith. Working for ESPN would be a dream come true.

I have unwritten accolades about this and I want to share what I have with the world. My love for sports has made me part of who I am today and I live it.

Feel free to leave questions or comments about topics I should elaborate on. I will be posting my preview for the NFL season in a day or two so stay tuned!