NFL Season Predictions 2016

My good friend D.Reed and I are making our predictions for this upcoming season. Make sure you check him and myself out on social media for NFL updates and Fantasy Football advice.
D.Reed @freshprynce23 (Instagram)
JGood @jgoodwithsports (Twitter and Instagram)

Divison Winners and Wildcard

AFC North
Cincinnati – JGood
Pittsburgh – D.Reed

AFC South
Jacksonville – JGood
Houston – D.Reed

AFC East
New England – JGood
New England – D.Reed

AFC West
Oakland – JGood
Kansas City – D.Reed

Wildcard Spots
New York Jets/Pittsburgh – JGood
Denver/Indianapolis – D.Reed

NFC North
Green Bay – JGood
Green Bay – D.Reed

NFC South
Carolina – JGood
Carolina – D.Reed

NFC East
New York Giants – JGood
Washington – D.Reed

NFC West
Arizona – JGood
Seattle – D.Reed

Wildcard Spots
Seattle/Dallas – JGood
Arizona/Minnesota – D.Reed

Superbowl Outcome
Arizona 24, New England 21 – JGood
Pittsburgh 30, Seattle 27 – D.Reed


Carson Palmer – JGood
Russell Wilson/Ben Roethlisberger – D.Reed

Offensive POY
Antonio Brown – JGood
Antonio Brown – D.Reed

Defensive POY
Khalil Mack – JGood
Khalil Mack/Von Miller – D.Reed

Offensive ROY
Carson Wentz – JGood
Ezekiel Elliot – D.Reed

Defensive ROY
Jalen Ramsey – JGood
Jalen Ramsey – D.Reed

Coach Of The Year
Bruce Arians (Arizona) – JGood
Jack Del Rio (Oakland) – D.Reed

Comeback POY
Jordy Nelson – JGood
Kelvin Benjamin – D.Reed.



NBA Preview Part 7: Predictions

Season Predictions

Rookie of the year: Jahlil Okafor

Sixth Man: Isaiah Thomas

Defensive player of the year: DeAndre Jordan

Most improved player: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Coach of the year: Fred Hoiberg

Most valuable player: Anthony Davis

Eastern Conference
1. Cleveland
2. Chicago
3. Miami
4. Milwaukee
5. Toronto
6. Washington
7. Atlanta
8. Indiana

Western Conference
1. San Antonio
2. Los Angeles Clippers
3. Golden State
4. Oklahoma City
5. Houston
6. New Orleans
7. Memphis
8. Dallas

NBA Finals: Los Angeles Clippers vs Cleveland

Note: These predictions are made as of October 27, 2015. Some things are subject to change due to injuries or trades. I will revisit after the trade deadline.