RG3: Vince Young 2.0

Do you remember the great QB Vince Young was going to be? The man single-handedly led the Texas Longhorns to a national championship over the favored USC Trojans. He was supposed to succeed Steve “Air” McNair in Tennessee as the 3rd overall pick in 2006. Instead, Jeff Fisher didn’t even want to draft him (the owner wanted Young). He didn’t want to start him. The only legitimate weapon he had on offense was Chris Johnson. Young was benched when any opportunity occurred (I.e. Young left the game for a play or 2 and was cleared to come back in but Fisher would keep him sidelined). Fisher didn’t want to develop him either.

On top of all of that, it was rumored that Fisher was “black-balling” Young and it appears to be successful. After Young’s tenure ended in Tennessee, he played one year in Philadelphia and hasn’t been on a team for a full season, if any season. Granted, Vince acted immature at times like when he had “disappeared” that one time and throwing pads in the stands, he didn’t deserve the overall treatment for his career.

Does any of this sounds familiar when referring to Robert Griffin III? RG3’s rookie year was exceptional (RG3 Rookie Highlights), winning rookie of the year and leading the Redskins to a playoff berth for the first time in ages. Remember in the playoff game, RG3 injured his knee and could barely walk. Mike Shanahan kept him in the game. RG3 eventually tore his ACL. Between after that injury and now, Robert Griffin has been in a position to fail. Even though he might have rubbed people the wrong way with certain comments in the media and social media, he hasn’t had a positive environment.

Mike Shanahan and his son Kyle (offensive coordinator) were his coaches the first 3 years. RG3 rushed back his second season to try to play following the torn ACL. His recovery time was impeccable, but his play suffered. With the result of his sub par performance that year, the Washington Redskins struggled as well. RG3 was benched the last 3 games of the season for Kirk Cousins. Nothing changed for the Redskins in 2014, except Robert Griffin III dislocated his ankle and missed a good portion of the NFL season. His played continued to replicate the previous year.

Mike and Kyle Shanahan were terminated in the off-season. Washington hired Jay Gruden as their head coach. His primary focus was to “fix” RG3. However, in this summer’s preseason, RG3 was knocked out of the second game with a concussion. The 3rd preseason game is usually the dress rehearsal for the regular season, and he was initially cleared to play. However, another doctor reversed the decision. Jay Gruden announced that Kirk Cousins would be the opening day starter. Shortly after that announcement, another statement was made by the head coach that Kirk Cousins will be the starter going forward. Coincidentally, the same doctor that reversed RG3’s decision of his eligibility resigned (sounds skeptical).

RG3 needs a new start in a healthy environment. He needs to be around leadership that truly wants him there and do whatever they can to put him in the best situation to succeed. Despite the poor performances, the man can still play. I would take him in Chicago. It’s hard to have a winning culture in a toxic environment. He still needs to fix some of his mechanics and ego but if he was able to meet a head coach and organization half way, you will probably see brighter days from the 2nd overall pick from 2012. Where do you think Robert should go to? Personally,  I believe Buffalo, Chicago, Houston, and Kansas City would be good destinations for him. I hope things changes for the better for him. We don’t want see another Vince Young situation.




NFL Players At The Crossroads

Usually when players are at the crossroads of their careers, it’s based on their  performances, inability to stay on the field, or just bad timing. A few players were actually successful at the pivotal moment (Drew Brees and Reggie Bush). And then there were players, recently, who might have officially ended up on the wrong side (Trent Richardson, Tim Tebow, RG3, Matt Flynn, Jonas Gray). The RG3 situation is an unusual one that I’ll explain in the next couple of days. For now, here are a few players who’s currently at the fork in the road.


Jay Cutler
When Jay Cutler was first traded to Chicago in 2009, I was excited. He was coming off a Pro Bowl season. The Bears haven’t had a real quarterback in ages. Cutler has all the talent to be a great quarter, especially his extravagant arm strength. John Fox is his 3rd head coach since being in the Windy City and has had plenty of offensive coordinators including Mike Martz. This could possibly be his best season yet. However, his terrible decision-making and only 1 playoff win in his tenure makes him a viable candidate for this list.


Jonathan Stewart
The 28-year-old and former Oregon Duck is a good underrated running back. You probably couldn’t tell because he was splitting carries with DeAngelo Williams and… his inability to stay on the field. In Stewarts first 4 seasons, he only missed 2 games. However, he has missed 20 in the past 3 seasons. What will Stewart do as the feature back this season is the question…

Sam Bradford
The former number overall pick back in 2010 is on the list because of his injury history. It was bad enough his best weapon on offense was an aging Stephen Jackson back in St Louis. He has had two consecutive seasons ended due to a torn ACL and doesn’t need to happen a 3rd time. In a Chip Kelly offense, Bradford is due for a prime year, only…. if he can stay healthy.


Darren McFadden
Run DMC has the talent to be a top 10 back in this league. He has great acceleration and lateral quickness. He now plays behind the best offensive line in football. But just like him and the past 2 players I just mentioned, he has a history problem. Personally, I want to see him destroy the NFL but only his legs will tell. He also has to get over the hurdle of being second on the team’s depth chart behind Joseph Randle.


Doug Martin
The “Muscle Hamster” caught defenses off guard with is powerful running tactics during his rookie campaign. The next couple of years, his production declined due to injuries (how surprising) and a bad offensive line. Doug Martin appears to be healthy, but he needs to stay that way because Charles Sims is sitting there hovering his starting job.

Michael Crabtree
The former college All American has yet to live up to expectations in the NFL. He has been in an inconsistent, run heavy offense in San Francisco, but he has had key drops in crucial game moments as well. According to Richard Sherman, he’s just a Mediocre’ Receiver. Now, across the bay in Oakland, he has a chance to resurrect his career. The clock is ticking.


Top 5 NFL Bust Since 2005


There has been some superstar talent that has come into the NFL since 2005 such as Adrian Peterson, Richard Sherman, Andrew Luck, Julio Jones, and JJ Watt. However, on the other end of the spectrum is a few players who just flat-out didn’t live up to expectations. Whatever is may be health, off the field issues, or just bad play, they have ended up being a BUST. I’ve made my own top 5 over the past decade. Here’s my honorable mentioned list:

Blaine Gabbert (Mizzou 2011)

Glenn Dorsey (LSU 2008)

Gaines Adams (Clemson 2007)

Christian Ponder (Florida State 2011)

Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame 2010)

Darrius Heyward-Bey (Maryland 2009)

Robert Griffin III!?!? (Baylor 2012)

Now for my top 5:


5. Vince Young (Texas 2006)
The former college football national championship star was the 3rd overall pick of the 2006 class to the Tennessee Titans. Young won rookie of the year and was named to the Pro Bowl. The next 2 seasons were pedestrian. After regaining his starting job (team started 0-6), Vince Young led the Titans them to 8 out of 10 wins. Bad play and immaturity led him to be of the most disappointing players in the past decade.


4. Matt Leinart (USC 2006)
The former Heisman Trophy winner was supposed to be the face of the Arizona Cardinals franchise with the 10th pick of the draft. Instead, he became apart of the infamous list of USC quarterbacks who doesn’t live up to expectations (Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez, John David Booty, and soon to be Matt Barkley). Sprained shoulder injury and a broken clavicle in his first two seasons led the way for Kurt Warner. Leinart’s time in the NFL has been dim ever since.


3. Troy Williamson (South Carolina 2005)
After trading Randy Moss to Oakland, the Minnesota Vikings drafted Troy Williamson with the 7th overall selection to be the next deep threat for Daunte Culpepper. However, he wasn’t anywhere close of being a threat. In 3 seasons with the Vikings, he caught 79 passes for 1,074 yards with 3 touchdowns. His inability to catch ball caused him to receive limited playing time. He blamed is depth perception for dropping passes.


2. Trent Richardson (Alabama 2012)
Arguably the best running back entering the draft, he destroyed defenses with his powerful style of running, deceptive agility, and lateral quickness. The Cleveland Browns selected Trent Richardson with the 3rd overall pick. Unfortunately, Richardson wasn’t able to impact again because of lack of ball carrying vision. He saw limited playing time once he was traded to the Indianapolis Colts. He was recently cut by the Oakland Raiders. Former Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington Redskins safety Ryan Clark labeled Trent as the “worst running back of all time” (OUCH).


1. JaMarcus Russell (LSU 2007)
And then there’s… (drum roll)… JaMarcus Russell!!! He had one of the strongest arms you would ever see, allegedly throwing 60 yards on his knees. But the number 1 overall pick by the Oakland Raiders was doomed from the start when he elected to hold out his rookie year for a lucrative deal. He didn’t sign his deal until September. The combination of different head coaches and offensive coordinators, inability to make the right reads, and off the field issues (codeine syrup) led to his ultimate downfall of being labeled arguably the biggest bust in NFL history.



Are You Ready For Some (Fantasy) Football?


As we all know, the NFL regular season is right around the corner. Quite a few things have happened between now and my NFL Preview post that was shared about a week ago. Kelvin Benjamin and Jordy Nelson (allegedly) both torn their ACLs, Reggie Wayne taking a physical and SIGNING with New England, RG3 gets a concussion, and Randy Moss hints on a possible return. Drafting RG3 and Reggie was never an option but Jordy and Kelvin were on my radar.

I play in multiple fantasy football leagues (FFL) every year. Some are recreational and some are competitive. I have about 3 or 4 leagues that ate considered my “main leagues”, and display one of them in a few.

Fantasy football allows you to pick your own team from all the players in the NFL. You score points based on the performances of the players every week in a head to head match up. In a standard league, you would start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (WR RB or TE), 1 D/ST (Defense and Special Teams), and 1 K. In the league I’m showcasing, majority of the rules are the same except you have to start 2 QBs and it’s PPR (Points Per Reception).

When drafting, you usually want to take RBs first because the position is scarce and there’s not enough productive players at that position. You really shouldn’t draft a QB until the 6th round, a D/ST until the 13th round, AND A KICKER SHOULD ALWAYS BE A TAKEN IN THE LAST ROUND AND NOT BEFORE!!

There are a few exceptions. When you have all pro players like Aaron Rodgers, Gronk, and Antonio Brown that’s ranked high on the draft board, it’s hard to ignore them. Here’s an example:



I am the commissioner of this league and have been for 5 years. My team name is Nino Brown. If you watched “New Jack City” you would understand the name. I had the 4th overall pick and I ended up taking Marshawn Lynch which is solid considering Le’Veon Bell, Adrian Peterson, and Jamaal Charles were gone. Now the way the draft was shaping out, somehow Gronk was still available when it was my turn to pick again. Knowing the WR is the deepest position, I took him because TEs are a hit a miss 9 times out of 10. He’s the 1 out of 10.

I really like my team because there’s no real weaknesses, like last year. Cobb, Bridgewater, Hyde and Murray should have a fantastic year. I have a few sleepers and all-star talent. I will this league updated every week on here so you can follow along. If you want any FFL league advice or anything football related, just let me know!