Top 5 NFL Running Backs Entering 2016

Note: This list is who is the best wide receiver right now.  Past accolades and accomplishments alone will not move you higher on the list.  This list is based on skill, talent, age, and the ability to perform.

Honorable Mentions: 

Doug Martin (Buccaneers) David Johnson (Cardinals), LeSean McCoy (Bills)

5) Matt Forte, Jets


Forte is one the most complete running backs in the NFL. From day one he’s showed his elite ball carrying vision.  He has excellent hands and exceptional speed in the open field. He should adjust well in New York’s run heavy offense. 

4) Todd Gurley, Rams


This phenom has the rare combination of strength and speed. He missed the first 3 games last season due to recovering from a torn ACL he suffered in college. However, once he was fully recovered he made and immediate impact for the Rams Organization.   

3) Jamaal Charles, Chiefs


When healthy, he’s the fastest running back in the league. Once he sees a hole, it’s “curtains” for the opposing defense. You add his ball carrying vision, agility, and above average hands, you have yourself an elite threat out the backfield. 

2) Le’Veon Bell, Steelers


When I think of Le’Veon Bell, I see a younger, stronger Matt Forte.  Bell is the most complete running back in the NFL.  He can run and catch effectively.  His pass blocking is exceptional for his position. The torn MCL injury that he suffered last season and the 4-game suspension to begin this season are  the only reasons why he’s number 2 at the moment.

1) Adrian Peterson, Vikings


This specimen is the LeBron James of the NFL.  He’s strong, fast, elusive, and has a high motor. Similar to recently retired Marshawn Lynch, it usually takes more than one defender to take him down. One such hi light, Peterson threw a Cleveland Browns corner out of bounds as he kept running down the sideline for a touchdown.  Another time he ran through a Pittsburgh Steelers corner as if he wasn’t there to pick up 13 more yards.  He is the elite of running backs and tops my list. 


Fantasy Football: Top 5 Sleepers


A few days ago I did a blog about fantasy football players that you should avoid (hopefully some people took my advice). I guess it’s only right to release a list of players that MIGHT make your fantasy football teams shine depending on how you already drafted.

Of course, you should draft the can’t miss players like Jamaal Charles, Adrian Peterson, Antonio Brown, Aaron Rodgers, Julio Jones, Le’Veon Bell, and so on… but when you starting to get beyond round 5, things can get interesting, especially if you’re drafting without a strategy (sad but it happens). I’m going to take a page out my own play book and share my top 5 sleeper list for 2015.

Here’s a few other players you should keep your eye on as well:

Brandon Cooks (NO)
Mike Wallace (MIN)
Davante Adams (GB)
Amari Cooper (OAK)
Jarvis Landry (MIA)

Top 5:


5. Ameer Abdullah

The rookie from Nebraska has caught quite a few people’s attention during the preseason. I know it’s just preseason (believe me I know), but he’s shown his value. He’s a dual threat (rushing and receiving) with a great combination of speed and agility. If Joique Bell continues to be hit with the injury bug, Abdullah’s upside is tremendous.


4. Tyler Eifert

The former Stud from Notre Dame can be exactly what is missing from the Cincinnati Bengals’ passing game. With A.J. Green and Jeremey Hill receiving majority of the attention on offense, Eifert should be able to get open, especially with his size and speed. Andy Dalton will find this man so he should find his way to your starting line up.


3. Todd Gurley

The former Georgia Bulldog is coming off an ACL injury. Typically, it takes 2 years to get back and be productive (Adrian Peterson doesn’t apply here), but taking a chance on Gurley should almost be required. He is going to be the face of the franchise due to his special ability as a ball carrier. Another appealing feature is that fact that St. Louis doesn’t have an identity or a real offense. By default, Todd Gurley is the offense once he returns.


2. Martavis Bryant

Martavis Bryant has shown flashes of superstardom with his ability to make spectacular catches and ability to get open. Even though he’s suspend for the first quarter of the season, he’s worth stashing on your bench. With Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell receiving majority of the attention from opposing defenses, Bryant should have favorable matches every week in an offense that’s looking to score 30 points per game, according to Big Ben.


1. Sam Bradford

An accurate quarterback plus a chip Kelly offense equals instant success (only if he stays healthy). Sam Bradford is actually in an offense that has weapons and not just replacement players. Chip Kelly’s quarterbacks have ranked in the top 5 for fantasy points ever since he became head coach. In addition, this is a pivotal moment in Bradford’s career so he’s playing with an edge. Drafting Bradford would be a steal pass round 8.