Top 5 NFL Tight Ends Entering 2016


Note: This list is who is the best tight ends right now.  Past accolades and accomplishments alone will not move you higher on the list.  This list is based on skill, talent, age, and the ability to perform.

Honorable Mentions:

Delanie Walker (Titans); Antonio Gates (Chargers); Jimmy Graham (Seahawks)


5) Travis Kelce, Chiefs


Before Jeremy Maclin joined the Kansas City Chiefs last season, their passing game was almost nonexistent. Not one wide receiver caught a touchdown during the 2014 season. Besides Jamaal Charles, Travis Kelce has been “Mr Reliable” during his tenure there. He’s not the fastest but he has great hands and a high motor. With Charles still recovering from his torn ACL, Kelce might become the go to option again.

4) Jordan Reed, Redskins


Jordan Reed is injury prone but when healthy, he’s explosive in the passing game. His speed is deceiving, and his hands are incredible. Reed always finds a way to get open with his exceptional route running. He has to stay on the field in order for the Washington Redskins to continue to have success.

3) Tyler Eifert, Bengals


This prototype came into his own last season, scoring a league high 13 touchdowns at his position. Tyler Eifert has been everything the Cincinnati Bengals hoped for when they drafted him in 2013. The only knock on him, like most players, is the inability to consistently stay on the field.

2) Greg Olsen, Panthers


Greg Olsen has been Cam Newton’s most consistent target and producer during his tenure in Carolina. Olsen has outstanding hands, exceptional route running capabilities, high football IQ and awareness. Olsen has performed in the clutch and doesn’t back down from the big stage. You almost can’t ask for better player on your team.

1) Rob Gronkowski, Patriots


At the end of the day, nobody is better than “Gronk” at the tight end position. At 6 foot 6 inches, 265 pounds, he’s too big for defensive backs to cover and too fast for linebackers. And what makes matters worse, he’s only 27 years old and Tom Brady is his quarterback (except the first four games of this upcoming season due to his suspension). He will continue to horrifying opposing defenses for many more years to come.


Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks Entering 2016

Note: This list is who is the best wide receiver right now.  Past accolades and accomplishments alone will not move you higher on the list.  This list is based on skill, talent, age, and the ability to perform.

Honorable Mentions: 

Andrew Luck (Colts), Carson Palmer(Cardinals), Drew Brees (Saints)

5) Ben Roethlisburger, Steelers


When Jerome Bettis retired “Big Ben” was given the keys to the offense.  Roethlisburger’s passing numbers have gotten better every season.  When Pittsburgh added weapons Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell, Roethlisburger numbers started to excel.  Now the team is a contender again despite a subpar defense.

4) Russell Wilson, Seahawks



In the past, Seattle’s success came in the running game. However, with Marshawn Lynch and Thomas Rawls being banged up last season, Wilson was forced to win games with his arm.  Doug Baldwin had a career year due to Wilson’s efficiency. You add that with his mobility and intangibles, the newlywed is hard to stop.

3) Aaron Rodgers, Packers


Rodgers is the most gifted passer in the NFL. As a Chicago Bears fan, I despise him, but he’s phenomenal. Last season, Rodgers struggled without his number one target, Jordy Nelson. With Nelson back, that offense joins the best in the league. We’ll probably see more discount double checks in the near future.
2) Tom Brady, Patriots



Brady has been elite for the past 12 seasons. System or no system, Brady continues to be consistent and dominate no matter what weapons he has around him.  However, he does have a great weapon this year in Rob Gronkowski.  Brady’s high football IQ and allows him to succeed no matter what obstacles. 

1) Cam Newton, Panthers


Newton is the true definition of growth. It’s hard to find any flaws.  Physically he is 6’5, 240 pounds. His running ability gives him leverage over the other quarterbacks on this list. Last season he took an big step with his passing despite not having his best wide receiver. He elevated the play for the wide receivers he did have.  Wide receivers who would not be starters on any other team. Without Von Miller, the Carolina Panthers are more than likely your defending champs.