It’s Over! Cubs Win World Series

Witnessing the Chicago Cubs winning the 2016 World Series goes down as one of the most remarkable moments in sports history. The Cubs hasn’t been to the World Series since 1945 and hasn’t won a title since 1908 before this achievement. As a Chicago White Sox fan, I am extremely happy for the Chicago Cubs organization and their entire fan base. There have been generations that haven’t seen the Chicago Cubs on top of Major League Baseball. The Titanic sinking was more recent than the Cubs last championship title before this one (let that SINK in).

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I’ve watched quite a few games this postseason just to see if the hype around this team is true. This team on paper is strong in all the major categories: hitting, pitching, baserunning, fielding, and coaching. However, the one word that has defined this postseason run for the “Northsiders” is resilient. The Cubs hasn’t faced adversity all season until they reached the playoffs, and a lot of people and baseball analyst wasn’t sure how this team will react when their backs were against the wall. This Cubs team has proved multiple times during this postseason run that they will not give up. Game 4 of the NLDS against the San Francisco Giants was a prime example. The Cubs were down 5-2 in the top of the 9th inning. Chicago scored 4 runs that inning to win 6-5 to eliminate the Giants (The Giants emptied their whole bullpen and still couldn’t stop the bleeding).

The fact that the Cubs forced a game 7 after being down 3 games to 1 is resilient within itself. This game 7 will go down as one of the most memorable game 7’s in the history of sports, in my opinion. From the Cubs being up 5-1 in the middle innings to Cleveland hitting the 2-run home run down 3rd baseline to tie the game at 6 in the bottom of the 8th inning to the, now infamous, rain delay, this game had a story book ending. Two teams have suffered for decades, and both teams were deserving of ending their respective titleless droughts. Words can’t fully describe the story and impact of this game, but the atmosphere was like no other. Here’s the highlight to game below.

This Chicago Cubs team that is currently constructed is poised to be contenders for the foreseeable future. There were 1 million people that turn out for the Chicago Blackhawks parade and festivals in 2015. I seriously believe that number will at least triple for the Chicago Cubs. Wrigleyville in Chicago was packed instantly after the win.

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This was by far the best game of 2016. To me, this game tops game 7 of the NBA Finals when Cleveland came back down 3-1 to beat the Golden State Warriors. I know that the city of Cleveland hasn’t won a sports title in over 50 years until that moment. However, this Cubs team is “America’s Cinderella” that had never gotten over the hump for 108 years. This was the LONGEST drought in NORTH AMERICA sports (mind blowing). Cubs fans from all over the world will come to their victory parade. Congratulations again to the Chicago Cubs of ending something that has lasted for far too long. Chicago has truly become a “City Of Champions”. “Fly The W” Northsiders, you truly deserve it!


Is It The Cubs Year?

Could it really be their year? Is it possible that the longest drought in the history of the 4 major sports could be over? Are we going to witness something so catastrophic that the results could alter history?

I’m not too sure about that last question but if the Chicago Cubs win the World Series it will definitely feel like it. Are there any people still alive when they last won a title back in 1908? (That happened before the Titanic sank). I may be a South Sider’s fan (White Sox), but I would want to see the Cubs to finally have their moment. My first baseball game was at Wrigley Field back in 6th grade. Sammy Sosa was the face of the franchise and Kerry Wood was the young phenom. I remember Glenallen Hill hit a home run to left field. I also remember the Cubs losing that game to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Like it or not and besides the New York Yankees, baseball is better when the Chicago Cubs are winning and playing in October. The Cubs haven’t made the playoffs since Alfonso Soriano was their cornerstone; haven’t won a playoff game since Steve Bartman was the center of attraction; haven’t been to a World Series since World War II; and haven’t won a World Series since the Wright Brothers were taking flight, and Henry Ford was working on his automobile. Just take a moment and let that sink in if you aren’t aware…… (taking a moment)……alright. Witnessing the collapse in 2003 against the Florida (now Miami) Marlins almost made me think that the North Siders were really cursed. One thing I can say throughout the years is that Cubs fans are probably the most loyal fans of all the 4 major sports in this country. Wrigleyville is always packed with rooftop seats, the 7th inning stretch,  and their signature ivy covering their back wall of the stadium.

This Cubs team seems to be different. They look hungry. They are playing with an edge. They are playing like they have nothing to lose and that can be dangerous for any of their opponents. When you have players like Anthony Rizzo (31 HR, 101 RBIs), Kris Bryant (26 HR, 99 RBIs), Jon Lester (11-12, 3.34 ERA, 207 Strikeouts), and CY Young candidate Jake Arrieta (22-6, 1.77 ERA, 236 Strikeouts), you see why they are a threat. After clinching a wild card spot and putting away the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Chicago Cubs find themselves down 1-0 the NLDS to their bitter rivals St. Louis Cardinals. The series is far from over, and throughout the years we found out the game is not over until the final out. Will the Cubs continue the same cycle that has lasted for generations or will the scene from the movie “Back to the Future II” come true?